Great Bay Software launches enterprise IoT security platform to support 1.5 million devices per server

Great Bay Software, an Internet of Things (IoT) security, introduced Thursday its High Capacity Server along with the version 5.1 of its flagship Beacon product suite.

Each High Capacity Server can support discovery, visibility and control for up to 1.5 million connected devices. The Beacon product suite 5.1 also includes interoperability with Dell IoT Gateways. Over 20 billion new IoT devices are expected to connect to enterprise networks over the next 5 years.

Great Bay Software’s solution helps enterprises protect against the growing threat posed by poor built-in security for IoT devices. The High Capacity platform that can manage up to 1.5 million devices per server to support large enterprises with the growing number of connected devices. It also delivers interoperability with Dell IoT gateway; with addition of hundreds of new device types strengthening Beacon’s market leading library of pre-configured profiles.

It includes built-in Topology Maps that automate endpoint and network infrastructure mapping in the organization; with new Search Interfaces and APIs to help speed up troubleshooting and incidence response. It also delivers enhanced use of DHCP options to simplify the onboarding of contractor devices.



The three key capabilities of an enterprise-grade discovery, visibility and control platform are scale, completeness of discovery, and accuracy of profiling. Great Bay Software’s Beacon product suite leads the industry in each of these areas. While most discovery and visibility tools max out at 10 to 20 thousand devices per server, Beacon can manage up to 1.5 million devices from a single server saving enterprises the cost and complexity associated with managing dozens if not hundreds of servers.

Beacon also leads the industry in the completeness of the device discovery. Beacon’s artificial intelligence expert system-based engine ingests and intelligently correlates information from dozens of data sources. As a result, Beacon discovers every new managed, unmanaged or IoT device connected to the network within seconds to provide complete discovery and visibility, while maintaining a rich historical context on every device in its Warehouse of Context.

Beacon includes comprehensive library of device profiles that allows enterprises to understand exactly what the connected devices is – an infusion pump, a programmable logic controller, an ATM machine or an HVAC system.

“We are pleased at the accelerated pace of developments of our IoT Security solutions,” said Jim Scullion, CEO at Great Bay Software. “Our strategy is to help enterprises of all sizes get ahead of the rapidly growing threat from IoT devices with poor in-built security. The Beacon product suite 5.1 takes the logical next step in that direction.”

Beacon product suite 5.1 is available immediately on a subscription-basis.

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