Gourmia debuts smart kitchen tea and coffee makers; includes Alexa, Google Home and Voice Control

Gourmia recently showcased its growing line of smart tea and coffee makers that adopts the latest IoT technology, including Alexa voice commands. The new Gourmia mobile kitchen app directly links each of these products to a single iOS or Android app on the user’s smartphone or tablet. Once linked, the user is all set up to sit back and enjoy a perfect cup of his or her favorite tea or coffee.

The Gourmia tea and coffee makers are IoT-enabled and compatible with the company’s mobile kitchen app. Users can begin making a delicious pot or cup of their favorite tea or coffee from a remote location and have it ready when they walk in the front door. Users select the tea type and the mobile app automatically programs the unit accordingly. Compatible with voice services, such as Alexa, under the skill name Mia.

The app allows one-touch remote usage as well as the ability to pre-set one or several brewing times. Also compatible with voice services, such as Alexa, under the skill name Mia. Working through the Gourmia app, this group of Gourmia coffee machines can be linked together to prepare professional-quality coffee drinks, including regular, espresso, cappuccino and latte.

The machine is smart enough to know how to make a user’s perfect cup of coffee. When app is opened, appropriate parameters – type, strength, amount – are already selected. Compatible with voice services, such as Alexa, under the skill name Mia.

Gourmia tea and coffee makers are designed and made smart for those individuals who enjoy a cup of their favorite at home – morning, noon, or night. Here are a few features that set them apart from competitors’ products.

The Gourmia mobile kitchen app connects to every Gourmia IoT device, allowing users to control their appliances from their mobile device. Gourmia IoT technology comes embedded in the appliances is compatible with voice services, such as Alexa and Google Home, under the skill name Mia, allowing voice activation as well as integration with Facebook, Instagram and Skype.

The Gourmia mobile kitchen app has the ability to block usage of an appliance if there is no adult supervision present; can remotely monitor a Gourmia smart appliance and turn it off if needed; and integrate each member’s preferences regarding food choices, favorite recipes, and desired meal for special events.

“Who doesn’t enjoy a warm cup of nerve-soothing tea or a jolt of hot, steaming coffee,” asked Gourmia founder Heshy Biegeleisen. “Now, Gourmia makes it possible for both tea and coffee aficionados to enjoy their favorite brew right in the comfort of their own home and at far less cost than at a commercial establishment. Our smart tea and coffee makers coupled with our mobile kitchen app make it all possible. Users can even link a Gourmia grinder, milk frother, and espresso or capsule machines together to make an authentic cup of espresso, cappuccino, or latte right in their own home.”

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