Global Telecom introduces NetStick USB Modem for Sprint to provide home and portable access to LTE broadband

Global Telecom announces launch of the NetStick USB Modem, exclusively for Sprint customers in the United States. The enterprise-grade device designed for small businesses and consumers alike, the Sprint NetStick relies on High Performance User Equipment (HPUE) – an innovative technology that enhances connectivity and performance indoors. The NetStick is available for sale at

Powered by Global Telecom’s CAT-4 module and 2X2 MIMO high powered antenna, the NetStick provides increased reliability and connectivity, while also using host-less connectivity for an added layer of security. The host-less model allows additional network separation and firewall capability.

At home, in the office or on the road, the NetStick is compatible with corporate VPNs and offers security controls with remote management. Plug and Play access allows customers to skip the hassle of long setups and connect directly to Sprint’s 4G LTE network (data plan required and sold separately) by simply plugging the NetStick into a laptop. No drivers are necessary.

“Global Telecom’s patented technology and module design in the NetStick USB Modem enables Sprint customers to achieve optimal upload and download speeds,” said Kim Green-Kerr, senior vice president, Sprint Business Solutions. “Sprint’s LTE Advanced network, combined with the NetStick’s CAT-4 modem, mean one thing: faster peak speeds in more cities.”

“We’re proud to work with Sprint on this disruptive technology that provides small businesses and consumers an easy and seamless path to migrate from 2G or 3G to Sprint’s fast 4G LTE,” said Global Telecom’s chief executive officer, Ahmad Malkawi. “The NetStick is also the perfect solution for automotive, healthcare and retail companies just starting out in the Internet of Things. We expect small businesses and IoT enthusiasts will find the NetStick to be their new go-to option for easy connectivity and management of their networked devices.”

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