GE Healthcare, ThoughtWire team to boost healthcare’s digital transformation

GE Healthcare Partners, the global management consulting arm of GE Healthcare, and ThoughtWire, a Toronto-based software company, announced Friday a five-year collaboration agreement to help hospitals and health systems implement new digital tools to improve productivity, quality of care and the overall patient experience.

GE and ThoughtWire, both experts in building apps for smarter healthcare, are collaborating together to simplify and enable real-time decision making. GE Healthcare Partners’ focus has been at the hospital and health-system level, while ThoughtWire has focused at the workflow level.

Combining their capabilities, GE and ThoughtWire have the potential to make a meaningful, large-scale impact for hospitals and patients by reducing patient waiting in the emergency department, reducing length-of-stay in the hospital, improving access to complex care and reducing turn-around-times for patient lab and radiology results among other targeted goals.

“Achieving more efficient and effective healthcare is a massive challenge. Collaboration is key,” said Michael Monteith, ThoughtWire CEO. “By combining our capabilities ThoughtWire and GE can unlock the full potential of people, data, and technology to improve the delivery of healthcare in today’s digital age.”

“The goal of this collaboration is to help providers deliver seamless patient care,” said Jeff Terry, Managing Principal, GE Healthcare Partners. “Together, GE and ThoughtWire will help hospitals and health systems better manage patient pathways using new real-time decision-support software.”

“This collaboration is further evidence of GE’s strong commitment to digital health and Canada,” said Heather Chalmers, General Manager for GE Healthcare Canada.

Last month, GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business launched the first next generation of Biacore systems harnessing Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology. Biacore 8K marks the start of a new generation of Biacore systems maintaining the high data quality expected from Biacore at high throughput. New design features efficiently address current industry challenges such as understanding complex targets in drug discovery.

The Biacore 8K generation platform was developed to deliver enhanced productivity and performance up to eight times faster. Completely redesigned hardware and software takes label-free SPR-based analysis well into the future, delivering high-quality data that supports better and faster decision-making across all areas of drug discovery, including small molecule and biotherapeutic screening and characterization.

Label-free SPR analysis is a vital tool in the scientist’s analytical toolbox, providing a dynamic understanding of how molecules interact and enabling a thorough understanding of drug/target interactions. This new platform further enables the use of SPR throughout drug discovery, development, and manufacturing.

Biacore 8K supports small molecule and biotherapeutic screening and characterization with the quality of affinity and kinetics data scientists expect, increasing operational efficiency.

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