GE Aviation unveils new digital center to reduce operating costs; increase aircraft utilization; optimize revenue

GE Aviation’s new Digital Solutions business has created a scaled digital collaboration center in their pavilion (P2) at the Farnborough International Air Show much like the centers they are building around the world. GE is collaborating with customers in the centers to identify and address customers’ operational challenges and drive better business outcomes.

GE’s software architects and developers are working with customers in their collaboration center at Farnborough, while demonstrating digital solutions, including network operations insights; mobile pilot insights; flight analytics on Predix Flight Phase Analyzer; water wash optimizer, Digital Solution for TrueChoice Flight Hour; ClearView Invoicing, Digital Solution for TrueChoice Flight Hour; and Engine Health Validator, Digital Solution for TrueChoice Transitions.

These advancements in data and analytic technologies showcase the extent to where GE is taking Predix, the cloud-based platform for creating Industrial Internet applications that turn real-time operational data into actionable insights for aviation.

GE opened the first collaboration center in Dubai in 2015 to support customers’ operations in the region. The center in Paris opened last month and the center in Shanghai opens next week; while another center in Austin, Texas is scheduled to open this fall.

Predix is GE’s cloud platform purpose-built for handling industrial applications and intelligence. Predix is powering Industrial Internet apps that turn operational data into insight for better and faster decision making. Predix is an operating system and platform for building applications that connect to industrial assets, collect and analyze data, and deliver real-time insights for optimizing industrial infrastructure and operations.

The Predix platform and cloud steps in, putting existing sensors to work, making machines intelligent, while connectivity and real-time analytics give rise to pivotal insights and increased decision-making power. Information has always been power, and as the Industrial Internet emerges, data takes reign like never before.

The dashboards and real-time data analytics found in Predix aren’t just trendy features for an enterprise checklist. Rather, they’re designed to meet the rigorous requirements of large-scale industrial environments. Predix and Clarity (Pitney Bowes’ Industrial Internet software solution) are expected to increase machine yield by up to 20 percent over time. By improving equipment and operational productivity, the Predix platform drives real results.

As a result of recent customer collaboration, flydubai and GE Aviation launched one of the first digital customer solutions built on GE’s Predix platform. The network operations insights solution is designed to help flydubai minimize the impact of unavoidable delays, enhance pilot operational understanding, while optimally protecting schedules and revenue. Network operations insights on Predix were implemented at flydubai in late June.

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