ForceShield releases GatewayShield to secure industrial IoT and OT devices, after its DeviceShield platform

ForceShield, an IoT defender company, announced GatewayShield, a dedicated plug-and-play appliance that provides dynamic security protection for Internet of Things devices and Operational Technology (OT) networks. GatewayShield defends industrial networks from known or unknown threats, and quarantines compromised devices in the event of attacks, offering protection in both directions – from OT to IT, or IT to OT.

GatewayShield’s function is to protect industrial networks from vulnerability threats, password guessing, and botnet attacks. As it uses ForceShield’s Dynamic Transformation Technology, GatewayShield is able to secure network-attached devices without installing an agent or upgrading firmware, limiting risk of exposure from external threats. Dynamic Transformation Technology improves system resilience and increases complexity and cost for attackers while it limits exposure and opportunities for attack.

“As the number of OT devices connected to the Internet rises, so does the threat of automated attacks,” said Yu-Min Lin, ForceShield co-founder and CTO. “ForceShield is the only security provider transcending the barriers between IT, IoT, and OT. Dynamic Transformation effectively changes the security paradigm from reactive to proactive, even on industrial networks with legacy devices.”

Last week, ForceShield unveiled DeviceShield, its embedded IoT security solution that prevents automated attacks on IoT devices and stops hackers in their tracks. With the smallest footprint – customizable from 100k to 2MB – DeviceShield integrates with device firmware to protect against vulnerability and zero-day attacks immediately, without signature updates.

DeviceShield is powered by ForceShield’s Dynamic Transformation Technology which randomizes target system response and disguises vulnerability exposure. Unlike signature- or policy-based security solutions, ForceShield’s Dynamic Transformation works proactively to reduce the business impact caused by device vulnerabilities, even in devices with limited computing power.


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