FogHorn, Wind River join to deliver edge intelligence with real-time management of industrial IoT devices

FogHorn Systems, developer of “edge intelligence” software for industrial and commercial IoT applications, announced this week integration with Wind River products designed to advance industrial IoT (IIoT). Wind River is an Intel company and vendor of delivering software for critical infrastructure.

The companies have teamed to integrate FogHorn’s Lightning edge analytics and machine learning platform with Wind River’s software, including Wind River Helix Device Cloud, Wind River Titanium Control, and Wind River Linux. This offering will accelerate the competitive imperative industrial organizations face to harness the power of their IIoT data.

Specifically, FogHorn enables organizations to place data analytics and machine learning as close to the data source as possible; Wind River provides the technology to support manageability of edge devices across their lifecycle, virtualization for workload consolidation, and software portability via containerization.

FogHorn’s Lightning product portfolio brings a groundbreaking dimension to the industrial IIoT by embedding edge intelligence directly into small-footprint IoT devices. The Foghorn platform is a compact, advanced and feature-rich edge intelligence solution, delivering low latency for onsite data processing, real-time analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities.

By enabling data processing at or near the source of sensor data, FogHorn eliminates the need to send terabytes of data to the cloud for processing. Instead, FogHorn can process the data onsite, generate insights and publish only relevant data to the cloud for further analysis.

“Wind River’s collaboration with FogHorn will solve two big challenges in Industrial IoT today, getting analytics and machine learning close to the devices generating the data, and managing thousands to hundreds of thousands of endpoints across their product lifecycle,” said Michael Krutz, Chief Product Officer at Wind River. “We’re very excited about this integrated solution, and the significant value it will deliver to our joint customers globally.”

“Large organizations with complex, multi-site IoT deployments are faced with the challenge of not only pushing advanced analytics and machine learning close to the source of the data, but also the provisioning and maintenance of a high volume and variety of edge devices,” said Kevin Duffy, VP of Business Development at FogHorn. “FogHorn and Wind River together deliver the industry’s most comprehensive solution to addressing both sides of this complex IoT device equation.”

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