FinalCode for Box enhances file control, management by hosting encryption, usage control

FinalCode integrated for the company’s file encryption and tracking solution, FinalCode, as an option to the file control and management features of Box, a cloud file sharing and collaboration platform. The new offering, FinalCode for Box automatically applies encryption, usage control and deletion of files outside the secure Box container – directly invoked from the Box interface.

Box provides an intuitive cloud file sharing and collaboration platform with comprehensive file management and governance capabilities. But once sensitive data is obtained by an authorized recipient outside the secure Box container, file protection and accountability are diminished, as are data privacy breach safe harbors.

The persistent file security provider ensures persistent file access, usage control and deletion of files shared in a way that is seamless to Box collaborators. With FinalCode, organizations gain strong file encryption, dynamic permission setting, and lifecycle activity tracking – directly invoked within the Box interface, the company said Tuesday.

“Box file control and security management features are comprehensive. Like many file collaboration methods, once a sensitive file is obtained by an authorized recipient and is outside a secure repository or container, protection and accountability are diminished, as are data privacy breach safe harbors,” said Gord Boyce, CEO of FinalCode. “FinalCode offers a simple, flexible and cost-effective way for users to leverage their Box investment, while enabling file security controls to persist outside the secure Box container.”

Clients can apply persistent security to files and folders leaving the secure box container; seamlessly manage and change permissions to view or edit files by updating file and folder Box collaborator types which are linked to FinalCode security settings, while leveraging intuitive Box workflow, user and security management.

Users can change, lock or revoke collaborator access and usage permission to shared files and entire folders; remotely delete files on recipient’s device, on demand or on access attempt violation, even after files have been removed from box, with security policy inheritance as files and folders move within the Box folder hierarchy.

With FinalCode for Box, employees can share confidential files internally and externally with confidence, knowing that unauthorized file recipients outside the secure box container will not have access. The company can also rapidly implement strong file protection, entitlement and auditing capability that preserves user experience and investment in Box.

The offering allows tracking details on who, when and where shared files are opened, modified, printed and remotely deleted. It also preserves Box data classification while ensuring encryption of files outside of box, and gains unified audit records within box and within log management platforms.

FinalCode for Box is delivered as a SaaS application that integrates with a company’s Box Business or Enterprise Edition. The FinalCode for Box application, an option to the file control and management features of Box, starts at annual subscription price of $12 per user per month. The FinalCode add-on for Box allows current FinalCode users to extend interoperability with Box starting at $4 per user per month.

The FinalCode client, used by Box recipients, is available at no charge for external collaborators and supports Windows, Apple and Android devices. Prospective Box Business or Enterprise Edition customers are invited to take FinalCode for Box for a test drive by registering on the company website.

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