Fieldforce announces availability of its new platform for 5G, IoT, utility broadband and EV charging networks

Fieldforce announced on Tuesday availability of its new platform for customers. The next decade will see non-traditional players entering the network infrastructure connectivity space. “Networks of the future” include traditional 5G networks, IoT networks, smart cities deploying connectivity to provide citizen services, connectivity for autonomous cars among hundreds of other use cases. 

With the emergence of next generation networks, companies want to ensure that infrastructure deployment is fast and cost-effective.

Fieldforce enables customers to launch a fully customizable infrastructure deployment project in less than 24 hours. Functionality being released Tuesday includes infrastructure deployment, analytics, and newer mobile capabilities. 

The new infrastructure deployment module allows customers to either use built-in workflows or create their own workflows to manage deployment projects. From identification of a location, to final acceptance of a location – Fieldforce provides an easy to use platform to enable true digital transformation of your organization. Its analytics platform provides users the data and insights required to make better decisions, improve operational efficiency and manage risk. Fieldforce now provides customizable dashboards and visualizations which can be shared with users across organization.

Fieldforce has further strengthened the mobile capabilities and now provides  real-time access to all data being collected in the field throughout the construction and integration stages of infrastructure deployment. Multiple people can collaborate on tasks and jointly complete field tasks using the intuitive mobile platform.

“We are laser focused on providing the most compelling product from a user experience and technology standpoint to our customers. The platform being released today is a result of several years of work of our amazing team, feedback from our users, as well as the market need for a rapidly customizable platform to support the heterogeneous nature of the next generation networks,” said Basit Malik, founder and CEO of Fieldforce.

“These new players have limited experience in managing distributed networks and the complex deployment processes,” Malik added. Fieldforce is on a mission to be a catalyst for the deployment of these networks of the future. Fieldforce provides the easiest way for companies to deploy a truly end to end platform to manage their infrastructure.” 

Earlier this month, Fieldforce announced that it has deployed its Fieldforce platform to streamline the rollout of next generation airborne communications provider SmartSky Networks’ air-to-ground platform.

The Fieldforce platform has been customized to map to SmartSky’s existing processes to meet the requirements of their air-to-ground network. Fieldforce’s solution enables SmartSky to manage its ground assets and Aircraft Based Radio’s (ABRs) in a unified platform. The solution includes integration with financial systems and features such as real-time analytics that enable SmartSky to identify issues.

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