Ericsson and Brighter release Actiste to help monitor and treat insulin dependent diabetes

Ericsson and its partner Brighter, a Swedish health-tech company focused on improving chronic disease management, introduced Actiste, its complete IoT-health solution for monitoring and treating insulin-dependent diabetes. 

Brighter is now ready to deliver Actiste Diabetes Management as a Service in the UAE and the wider Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) with cross-border mobile connectivity to be provided by leading communication service providers.

Actiste brings together all required functions into a single connected device: blood sampling, blood glucose measurement and insulin injection. The device is delivered as part of a subscription service, designed to simplify patient’s everyday life and optimize and improve treatments. 

The total number of people living with diabetes in the UAE is currently 1.2 million, according to The International Diabetes Federation (IDF), of which approximately 480.000 are insulin-dependent and could benefit from Brighter’s Actiste service.

The cellular-enabled, Actiste devices are managed by Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator and securely connected by communications service providers to deliver a consistent level of service and a single dashboard. This provides Brighter with a unified view regardless of where those devices are deployed in the world.

Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator is used by 35 telecom service providers worldwide to provide managed connectivity services to over 4,500 enterprises in more than 100 countries. It enables enterprises to easily and cost-effectively manage IoT devices on a national, regional or global scale with full control throughout the entire IoT device lifecycle.

Brighter is marketing Actiste to both consumers and healthcare providers across the globe. The flexibility of the connectivity solution has simplified Brighter’s go-to-market process and ensured a globally-consistent customer experience with out-of-the-box functionality.

With one global eSIM, end-to-end security and global roaming are built into the Actiste devices. The multi-domestic services of Ericsson’s Connectivity Management provide a uniform SLA across mobile operators. Supported by Arkessa and Ericsson DCP, a single portal ensures Brighter has real-time visibility and management for every Actiste device, Brighter’s platform advancements will allow customers to seamlessly scale and localize services with ease. In turn, Brighter will be able to develop newer and better services to help customers.

With a connected healthcare solution, Brighter is positioned to make a positive impact in the treatment of diabetes. Ericsson is proud to support Brighter in their mission to improve the wellbeing of society.

Ericsson’s IoT Connectivity Management handles multi-domestic connectivity, which means that an enterprise only interfaces with one selected, lead operator. This lead operator (in this case Arkessa) works with their existing ecosystem of operators or joins forces with new operators as needed to provide Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven connectivity. 

Ericsson also supported Brighter’s go-to-market strategies. The team was able to use the eSIM to help localize service and benefit from local operators’ reach, which in turn reduced Brighter’s go-to-market investment and allowed for better revenue opportunities.

“By partnering with Ericsson, we are able to offer a truly seamless customer experience,” said Henrik Norström, CEO, Brighter AB. “No matter where in the world patients decide to go, their generated health and treatment data will always be securely stored and available to improve their treatments.”

“This is an important milestone for how connectivity can transform people’s lives for the better. Our global partnership with Brighter has now reached a stage of real deliveries to the market, utilizing the global connectivity service based on our IoT Accelerator,” said Fadi Pharaon, president of Ericsson Middle East and Africa. “The result is an enhanced healthcare industry in the UAE and wider GCC, and an improved quality of life for diabetes patients.”

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