Entrust Datacard, Harman join to deliver an ecosystem of trusted devices to safeguard data across IoT infrastructures

Entrust Datacard announced Tuesday a partnership with Harman International to bring to market an Internet of Things (IoT) offering that will create and maintain an ecosystem and secure data and operations across the IoT infrastructure. The strategic partnership was established based on Harman’s IoT domain and industry vertical knowledge and Entrust Datacard’s history of providing identity solutions that enable secure transactions in high risk and constrained environments.

The partnership will allow both companies to leverage the new Entrust Datacard offering with their respective customers while jointly advancing the development of the IoT ecosystem. The solution will enable organizations to quickly establish trust in their infrastructure and secure the interaction between users, devices, and systems in a manner that recognizes the customer’s need to leverage existing environments and remain flexible in choosing devices, backend applications, and data analytics platforms best suited to their specific business environments.

Entrust Datacard delivers solutions based on enterprise-grade encryption and tokenization technologies, which allow enterprises to establish trusted identities for the devices and subcomponents across their infrastructures. These offerings enable users to create secure ecosystems and transmit data from devices in the field to value engines.

Entrust Datacard is capable of identifying and authenticating ecosystem of devices and infrastructure. By establishing a trusted identity in each device — including those on the edge of the infrastructure — untrusted devices are prevented from communicating on the network. It adapts with hardware and platform-agnostic security.  The manufacturer-agnostic solutions adapt to a range of device capabilities, allowing users to manage a diverse set of devices, while avoiding conflicts of interest in similar capabilities tied to device manufacturers.

With the rapid advance of technology, it is critical that devices and infrastructure can be updated to take advantage of new capabilities and changing security requirements. Through the use of a secured remote channel, Entrust Datacard enables on-demand upgrades and updates of security, data model and other features, to maximise IoT investments and ensures efficient operations.

As all devices on the network do not play the same role, users must clearly define the level of privilege for each one. It ensures that any device on the network performs only authorized actions by defining the scope of command execution and data access, and by enforcing the principle of least-privilege.

Entrust Datacard uses cryptographic protection and enforces strong authorization requirements to ensure that any data moving through the system is usable only by those things, systems and users with proper privileges. In the unlikely event that data is captured by unauthorized actors in transit, enterprise-grade encryption and tokenization solutions render it unintelligible, ensuring that compliance and privacy requirements are still met.

As retaining absolute command and control over devices is paramount, Entrust Datacard has cryptographically enforced control over the network by ensuring devices act only on commands from trusted sources — and within the right context. A comprehensive security policy must encompass data generated by legacy data sources. Entrust Datacard delivers a uniform IoT security model for ingesting, integrating and enforcing security for data generated by legacy systems.

“While the Internet of Things provides abundant opportunities, it also opens doors to new threats that could have a significant impact on how we utilize and interact with technology,” said Josh Jabs, vice president of strategic marketing for Entrust Datacard. “Today, our customers are facing more operationally oriented challenges as they leverage connectivity to extend the value of their core business. By partnering with HARMAN we are combining a unique mix of disciplines to bring to market solutions designed to be secure from the ground up to meet these challenges.”

“Partnering with Entrust Datacard, a longstanding leader in the identity security market, was a natural decision for us,” said Sandip Ranjhan, senior vice president and general manager for Harman. “Today, the demand to provide a secure and trusted Internet of Things ecosystem is not only a customer expectation, but it is imperative. HARMAN’s IoT portfolio together with Entrust Datacard’s secure identity management platform provides a strong foundation for a trusted ecosystem for connected devices, solutions or services.”

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