Entrata report reveals that consumers don’t fully understand or trust artificial intelligence

Entrata announced on Tuesday a new study, which reveals that even though many consumers know the broad definition of Artificial Intelligence (the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn similar to how a human would), most don’t fully understand its scope or the countless ways in which it affects their lives. Due to this lack of understanding, many still harbor a lack of trust for the technology.

Generated by Entrata and fielded in August this year, the survey collected online responses via Qualtrics from 1,051 U.S. consumers who are over the age of 18.

Founded in 2003, Entrata is multifamily real estate’s fastest-growing technology company that offers comprehensive property management software provider with a single-login, open-access Platform as a Service (PaaS) system. Offering a variety of online tools including websites, mobile apps, payments, lease signing, accounting, and resident management, Entrata PaaS currently serves more than 20,000 apartment communities nationwide. 

Entrata’s open API and superior selection of third-party integrations offer management companies the freedom to choose the technology and software that best fit their needs.

More than 38 percent of respondents have either just heard of Artificial Intelligence or have no idea what it is. Surprisingly, of those who claimed to be an expert in their understanding of AI, 20 percent not only got the definition wrong, but they were significantly more likely to get the definition wrong than other groups who say they know only a little or have just heard of it. 

Despite this lack of understanding, more than half (52 percent) of people say they feel comfortable interacting with AI, which is good, because more than 40 percent of people use some form of AI on a daily basis, whether that be Gmail, Siri or Alexa, or Netflix and much more.

It’s clear people don’t understand chatbots (a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet), with 33 percent of people thinking that Alexa and Siri are chatbots. In fact, 20 percent of people claim to have never interacted with a chatbot, and nearly 30 percent of people don’t think they would recognize when they’re interacting with one. 

That said, respondents reported that their favorite things about using chatbots with 30 percent of respondents preferring its 24/7 availability;15 percent find it easily accessible; 12 percent find it quick and efficient; and 9 percent are of the opinion that they do not have to talk to a real person. Despite people overall wanting chatbots to have more human-like personality traits, 36 percent of respondents don’t care about those traits as long as they get the information and help they need.

For those who rent, chatbots and AI can be an incredible tool. Used as an extension of the leasing office, these technologies can improve the resident experience by allowing people to complete tasks or solve problems that are otherwise inconvenient or difficult.

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