Enhancing IIoT with KX and Telit Collaboration

KX, a company that provides real-time streaming analytics solutions, is partnering with Telit, a  global IoT provider, to come up with an industrial analytics platform. The partnership brings together KX’s performance streaming analytics capabilities with Telit’s deviceWISE Industrial IoT platform.

Companies who will utilize the platform will have the connectivity and simplicity of Telit’s deviceWISE IoT platform and the power of KX’s streaming analytics technology.

This integration of operational technology with IT systems allows for a wider knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process, automating of quality control processes, and effective execution of preventive and predictive maintenance programs. 

“Modern manufacturing organizations are seeing a huge increase in data, coming at them at speed, and the need to gain a truer understanding of the manufacturing process in real-time has never been greater,” Przemek Tomczak, SVP IoT and utilities at KX, said. “Combining Telit’s unrivalled ability to connect enterprise systems to industrial machines and sensors, and our market-leading streaming analytics capabilities, we can help customers predict operational issues, automate key decisions, and significantly improve operational performance.”

The Telit deviceWISE IoT Platform includes connectivity management tools, pre-built device drivers, and application connectors that enable development teams to focus on building apps. 

Industrial and enterprise teams are given total flexibility in how data is collected, where it is sent, and how the solution responds to data based on events and conditions throughout deployment—whether in the cloud, on-premise or at the edge.

“With KX and Telit, systems integrators and manufacturers can implement a full-stack streaming analytics IoT platform. Leveraging data and analytics provides the insights needed to respond quickly to either bring on additional resources or tighten process controls to increase productivity,” said Ricardo Buranello, head of platforms business unit, Telit. “Data intelligence is critical in driving actionable insights to make informed business strategies, goals and decisions.”

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