EnGenius’ 802.11ac Wave 2 Tri-Band Access Point offers improved multimedia streaming performance

EnGenius Technologies announced this week its EnTurbo Tri-Band 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point (EAP2200). The Tri-band AP improves the performance of multimedia streaming to wireless devices by doubling the available bandwidth for the newest 11ac mobile gear while supporting the growing demand for smart IoT devices.

The Tri-band AP joins EnGenius’ new EnTurbo line of 11ac Wave 2 indoor and outdoor APs and bridges making business-class Wave 2 Wi-Fi affordably accessible. The line meets the demands of content-rich mobile users in small/mid-size organizations and luxury residences.

With the number of consumer connected “things” expected to exceed 7 billion worldwide by 2018, Tri-Band AP technology will play a big role in ensuring wireless performance when a greater number of simultaneous devices are competing for available bandwidth.

The Tri-band AP doubles the network’s capacity to handle a greater number of 11ac mobile devices running high bandwidth applications and an increase in IoT home devices without compromising performance. It provides 11ac Wave 2 supports more devices with multi-user (MU) MIMO; optimizes signal reliability through Beamforming technology; reaches combined over-air speeds of 2.2 Gbps; and actively steer dual-band devices and dedicated band clients to the proper channel, ensuring the fastest throughput and performance efficiency.

The offering provides advanced security that detects and avoids network threats through a suite of security features including guest networks and email alerts; while delivering AP and network Management to operate as a stand-alone AP or manage with ezMaster Software license-free.

The EAP2200 Tri-Band AP is now available at an MSRP of $239.00 through EnGenius’ distributor and reseller partners throughout the Americas.


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