Electric Imp, Microsoft partner to accelerate secure IoT and simplify connectivity for industrial and commercial users

Electric Imp Inc., provider of secure edge-to-enterprise IoT connectivity, announced on Tuesday that it will offer Azure-based managed services on its IoT platform. Commercial and industrial users can take advantage of Azure IoT Hub and Electric Imp’s scalable and secure connectivity platform to simplify retrofits of new and existing products for end-to-end IoT applications.

The new offering expands Electric Imp’s cloud options to include a public impCloud on Azure, enabling existing and new Microsoft customers to implement Azure-based IoT solutions.

Electric Imp’s integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub includes the advanced functionality required for real-world product and service deployments, including secure device on-boarding, custom in-flight data processing and transformation, and fail-safe device management at scale. The integration enables customers to securely integrate real-world data with the myriad of offerings from Microsoft, including Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Suite, Power BI, and Dynamics.

The Electric Imp IoT platform, already deployed on more than one million devices with over 100 customers worldwide, includes a secure, purpose-built edge-to-enterprise IoT Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS); comes with IoT platform certification for UL 2900-2-2 (Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems); offers managed security and platform maintenance; provides customization to an array of commercial and industrial applications ranging from asset and energy management to remote monitoring, and includes public and private Azure Cloud support.

The partnership builds on Electric Imp’s earlier integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, which enables customers to use Microsoft’s storage and advanced data analytics while simplifying the setup and management of communications between the edge and cloud.

“With access to Azure and Electric Imp’s powerful IoT platform, Microsoft Azure users are gaining pre-integrated connectivity that virtually eliminates the complexities of deploying, commissioning, securing, and managing IoT devices at scale,” said Hugo Fiennes, CEO and Co-founder of Electric Imp. “Industrial and commercial customers can now easily and securely connect new and retrofit IoT applications to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and fully realize the value of Microsoft’s advanced data analytics, machine learning and other powerful tools.”

“Securely connecting devices to the Azure Cloud is a critical step for organizations on the path to digital transformation,” said Kevin Dallas, corporate vice president, IoT and intelligent cloud business development, Microsoft. “Enabling the application of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud services including AI, machine learning and deep neural networks through IoT leaders like Electric Imp makes it easier for customers to implement IoT solutions that deliver business impact.”


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