Ectobox debuts Internet of Things service targeted at growth-minded manufacturers

Ectobox Inc., a custom software development firm specializing in the manufacturing industry, announced on Tuesday launch of its Internet of Things (IoT) Business Transformation Plan for manufacturers. By offering specialized IoT services to manufacturers, Ectobox provides a simple way for growth-minded companies to evaluate whether IoT makes sense for their operations and easily plan and implement these new solutions.

Ectobox’s IoT services provide a framework designed to streamline the assessment and decision-making process around IoT initiatives. Starting with a simple checklist completed by the manufacturer, Ectobox leads each company through a process that results in IoT projects that are completed within specified time and budget parameters.

Examples of IoT projects include improving business operations, using equipment, inventing new and more useful products, and transforming companies and competition.

Ectobox’s IoT services are designed for manufacturers with annual gross revenues ranging from $20 million to $200 million. With deep roots in the industry and an extensive custom software portfolio, Ectobox will be using IoT software platforms ThingWorx and Azure to build IoT apps for manufacturing and service operations.

The Ectobox IoT Business Transformation Plan will deliver actionable data about machines’ performance and the ability to predict service needs. Users will know what to expect, so that they can cut costs, free up staff time, and delight customers. They will also know that they are using latest technology to provide them the best possible service. By using IoT, consumers will set their company apart from others, improving operations using smart technology.

“Service-minded companies who want to grow and improve, to build a great business providing great products to great customers… those companies may be struggling to get there and IoT can help,” says Ectobox Founder Kevin Jones. “I want them to connect with the idea that there is a solution, there is a way to get it done. They simply need to work with a company that has experience in manufacturing, software, and IOT to lead the way and help them get there.”

“Companies thinking of implementing IoT for the first time, or companies who have tried IoT initiatives and are struggling, are good candidates for the IoT Business Transformation Program,” says Jones.


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