Echelon improves LON Commissioning Tool for integration of legacy control systems, emerging Internet-based technologies

Internet of Things company Echelon Corp. released IzoT Commissioning Tool 4.1 (IzoT CT), which takes advantage of LON/IP, the extension of the ISO standard LON protocol to IP-enabled networks. The new release also adds support for 50 new standard profiles focused on interoperable building and control systems.

IzoT CT allows commercial and industrial customers to easily and securely deploy, configure, program, and operate large-scale networks of devices across a wide range of device types from a Windows laptop. This upgrade to Echelon’s popular commissioning tool is a key component of Echelon’s embrace, extend and enhance strategy to make embedded device networks accessible to the cloud, and demonstrates Echelon’s ongoing leadership in innovation for the industrial IoT (IIoT).  

IzoT CT includes the LNS-compatible IzoT Net Server. The server provides an open platform for tools and applications to interact with LON networks. It also allows consumers to use use the integrated XML file import/export capability to integrate with applications that are not compatible with the server; and reduce network design time by creating custom shapes that represent the common device or subsystem configurations that are frequently installed.

For example, when creating a custom shape that represents all the devices in a room, including their device types, configuration, and connections. To add a new room to the network, users can drag room custom shape to the drawing and all the devices are automatically created in the drawing and in the server database, along with the configuration and connections specified.

LON/IP leverages the network infrastructure already deployed for IP networks in buildings, factories, transportation systems, and other industrial IoT environments. By supporting LON/IP, the IzoT CT upgrade is the only installation tool needed to embrace all the devices in a LON network and extend the reach of the network across a traditional IP-based LAN infrastructure, making it possible for a single tool to install and manage all the IIoT devices in a large building, campus, or factory with a fully integrated LON and LAN infrastructure.

“This release of IzoT CT embraces emerging room control and building automation IoT devices and extends the reach of the most popular LON commissioning tool to IP-based networks,” said Rich Blomseth, product management director. “The result is a standard installation tool for networks with IoT devices on LON and LAN networks, with support for more types of interoperable devices and installation tools than competing technologies.”

Profiles are the building blocks for creating interoperable communities of devices. Each profile defines a standard network interface for a common IoT component such as a variable air volume controller, light-level sensor, security sensor, temperature sensor, traffic sensor, lighting controller, sunblind controller, or room controller.

LonMark International has led the industry with standard LON profiles for more than 100 devices, and recently added more than 50 additional profiles for open building and control systems. The new profiles define communications between room controls and building automation control systems, and are now fully integrated into IzoT CT, providing a number of standard profiles for IoT network integrators.

All the profiles are standardized by LonMark through the American national standard ANSI/CEA-709.6 and the European standard CEN EN 14908-6.


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