DXC Technology releases DXC Open Health Connect platform to create a connected ecosystem to improve healthcare outcomes

DXC Technology, an IT services company, announced Wednesday DXC Open Health Connect, a digital health platform that enables healthcare providers to give better quality of care and patient outcomes by enabling interoperability between disparate environments to provide data when and where it’s needed across the healthcare system.

A connected healthcare ecosystem — including integrated delivery networks, accurate patient data and increased access to information — is essential to lowering costs, improving care quality and boosting patient outcomes. DXC’s agile, cloud-based DXC Open Health Connect enterprise platform delivers the necessary tools and blueprints to healthcare providers and payers to quickly and securely integrate and flow data across the healthcare network.

DXC co-created DXC Open Health Connect with a large academic and research hospital system in metropolitan New York. The solution went into production in 2017, enabling better access to all of the data and technology across the network to discover new insights that are helping to enhance patient engagement, improve operational efficiencies and boost flexibility.

DXC Open Health Connect is enabling a shift in focus away from acute care only to concentrating more on promoting lifelong wellness.

Combining partner, product and composite application programming interfaces (APIs) with cloud services and common protocols, DXC Open Health Connect delivers faster time to value by automating deployment, personalizing the user experience and accelerating service development to seamlessly move information between disparate environments.

DXC Open Health Connect, available globally, is offered as either a technology platform or in three easy-to-consume modules. The DXC Open Health Connect interoperability module helps integrate disparate data from across the healthcare ecosystem to support the creation of an integrated care record; DXC Open Health Connect analytics provide evidence-based insights about populations and individual health to improve care; and DXC Open Health Connect’s API Director supports the ability to rapidly create new, information-rich applications while governing and controlling access to patient data. It provides enterprise security, metering, billing and policy enforcement.

The digital platform allows for the deployment of DXC Technology’s mobile applications, such as PatientAide, NurseAide and ClinicalAide, which drive appropriate behavioral changes in the healthcare ecosystem and support changes in the patient journey. The Aides are real examples of the rapid innovation that DXC Open Health Connect enables, delivering value within the aggressive cycle times of the business. Teaming with our extensive DXC Partner Network — including strategic partners Microsoft and ServiceNow, and other partners such as Validic, Arrow and Deontics — DXC Open Health Connect enables the evolution of digital healthcare.

Healthcare 3.0 is going digital, creating new collaboration models and supported by next-generation technologies to provide more value-based care. DXC Open Health Connect also enables population health management by generating an integrated care record, supporting risk-based analysis and stratification.

Its interoperability extends the patient care network and improves access to contextualized information, which enables users to identify new cohorts of patients at risk of admission and helps reduce the cost of care by supporting pre-emptive interventions.

“Cloud technologies are helping health organizations around the world deliver better outcomes for patients,” said Neil Jordan, general manager, Worldwide Health Industry at Microsoft. “We’re excited to collaborate with DXC to bring their Open Health Connect platform to Microsoft Azure for the benefit of our mutual customers.”

“Healthcare is complex and challenging in nature, which makes it a unique case for digital transformation,” said Mutaz Shegewi, research director, Provider IT Transformation Strategies, IDC Health Insights. “With artificial intelligence and machine learning paving the way for new and innovative approaches to healthcare, leaders must start thinking digital today. How they navigate their organizations through the complexities of today’s healthcare environment and transform along the way will determine whether they will thrive in the future digital economy.”

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