Digital Lumens announces LightRules 3.0 platform for smart buildings, business intelligence

Digital Lumens introduced on Tuesday an enhanced version of its LightRules lighting control and business intelligence platform. LightRules leverages data from Digital Lumens’ LED fixtures, Digital Light Agents (DLAs), and its LightRules Power energy-use software to offer greater insights into and influence over energy usage and savings, productivity, and employee and facility safety.

The new functionality further cements the company’s position at the forefront of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart building movement.

The introduction of LightRules 3.0 arrives shortly after Digital Lumens’ launch of its new value-optimized, high-efficacy CLE high bay LED fixture, as well as expansion of its LightRules Mobile platform to Android devices. Both products were announced at LightFair International 2016.

LightRules 3.0 offers improved control, automation, and operational visibility through new, facility-wide energy and occupancy snapshots, tables, and trends. Enhanced dashboards report real-time energy cost savings; customizable energy and occupancy trend indicators are designed to monitor facility performance and inform energy usage forecasts.

New reporting and sharing functions allow users to validate cost savings and energy usage, and apply a wealth of occupancy and asset management information to the benefit of their organization’s bottom line.

“Our users have long relied on Digital Lumens to deliver energy savings of up to 90%,” said Kaynam Hedayat, Digital Lumens’ vice president of marketing and product management. “But our system creates opportunities well beyond energy savings, and the logical next step was to create a way for those customers to more easily access the full suite of data created by the network, and apply that intelligence across their entire business. LightRules 3.0 achieves that.”

LightRules provides software-based lighting control that maximizes and validates energy savings with software-based control strategies. It reduces downtime and maintenance with wireless controls and diagnostics to avoid disrupting operations; ensures employee safety and comfort by leveraging advanced dimming and other lighting configurations to accommodate specific lighting needs, while guaranteeing safety and code compliance with automated testing and reporting of emergency lighting hardware.

The platform also optimizes traffic flow by leveraging heatmap reports for increased safety and efficiency; manage facility layout using occupancy data to re-purpose underutilized real estate and reduce production bottlenecks, while boosting security using occupancy reports to identify and locate activity during off-hours or in restricted areas.

LightRules also increases operational visibility with complete energy usage data from all equipment in the production line.Improve business planning by monitoring energy trends over time. It also tracks progress toward energy savings goals or project ROI and allocate production costs to departments or product lines, and reduces downtime by identifying deteriorating equipment and perform preventive maintenance.

LightRules features an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables the exchange of information with third-party systems and applications such as building management systems and energy dashboards.

LightRules API allows customers to access lighting, energy use, and occupancy data from third-party programs using an open standards format. Real-time sensor data and historic information can be extracted from any LightRules instance and filtered by fixture, lighting zone, or room. Lighting profiles can be remotely activated via the API to create custom controls or trigger energy demand reductions.

In order to utilize LightRules API, customers must have an Intelligent Lighting Network that includes LightRules and Digital Lumens fixtures or Digital Light Agents (DLAs). The LightRules API is invoked over HTTP/S using XML or JSON data formats.

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