Devicify debuts IoT relationship management application for Salesforce platform; teams with Momenta at IoT World

Devicify updated its Devicify IoT platform on the Salesforce AppExchange enabling enterprises to orchestrate IoT relationships between people, products and processes in a whole new way. The company accelerates Internet of Things (IoT) enablement on the Salesforce platform with an IoT Relationship Management application that IoT-enables the entire organization.

Devicify’s patented solution orchestrates business processes with IoT-enabled technologies unleashing business model innovation and IoT monetization. The new release offers native Salesforce integration with Salesforce workflows, objects and security; gives high granularity over the type of information that is returned to Salesforce; automation services included that enable third party applications to initiate or update device creation and configuration. Its data source configuration offers broad options to receive, store and process inbound IoT data.

Devicify is a business application incorporating IoT technologies in a way that models, manages and monetizes connected products from within the business environment. This IoT Relationship Management application leverages existing CRM information in a patented solution that applies business context and rules to connected products at the edge. The result seamlessly unifies business functions, products and customers while easily IoT-enabling other applications or objects in the business system.

The company also empowers companies to capitalize on the IoT, seamlessly connecting business processes and product functions within an enterprise application, Devicify CPM (Connected Products Management). The Devicify CPM architectural platform creates rich, digital counterparts to physical products that can inherently interoperate with digital business transactions and remote products. Devicify CPM is a comprehensive suite of business software and development tools delivered as a hosted service so your IoT initiative moves faster, is easier and becomes more valuable.

As a native application, Devicify provides much more then IoT connectivity; seamlessly extending existing workflows to include connected product capabilities. With an ecosystem of thousands of adjacent apps on the AppExchange, enterprises will be able to IoT-enable them all.

Devicify’s business-process-centric solution focuses on the power of relationships using living CRM relationships for access control determining who has access to what devices, functionality or insights, and when.

“A major obstacle to IoT initiative boils down to the fact that identifying relevance and scaling value is really hard when products don’t talk business”, said Scott Johnson, CEO and founder of Devicify. “Devicify’s IoT Relationship Management provides the necessary context to allow this interoperability, facilitating success on a large scale.”

Devicify also announced that it has joined Momenta Partners Connected Industry ecosystem, engaging their connected industry advisory, executive search and ventures practices. Devicify will be featured in Momenta Partners’ Connected Industry Pavilion at the upcoming IoT World Event in Santa Clara.

“The promise of the IoT is not about new technology, but powering business rules with faster, deeper and more granular information” said Ken Forster, managing director of Momenta Partners. “Devicify was designed specifically to extend enterprise business rules to the edge, accelerating business innovation. We are proud to have them as part of our Connected Industry ecosystem.”

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