Device Authority partners with nCipher Security to deliver medical IoT offerings that safeguards patient information

Device Authority, vendor of Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain, has announced its partnership and joint customer success with nCipher Security, provider of trust, integrity and control for business critical information and applications.

With IoMT solutions being in use for extended periods of time, it is essential to be able to support the solutions of today, as well as adapt for the challenges of tomorrow. Device Authority and nCipher can provide a new level of assurance, as well as bring innovative solutions that solve the challenges of the evolving medical security landscape.

Device Authority’s KeyScaler platform integrates with nCipher’s nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) to provide high-assurance device authentication, managed end-to-end encryption, and certificate provisioning for IoT devices, ideal for medical, industrial and other smart connected products. KeyScaler delivers a scalable, device-based authentication and authorization to establish a strong root of trust and identity assurance for medical IoT devices.

The medical device manufacturer produces high quality surgical robot systems which perform a variety of treatments and procedures on patients in hospitals. This advanced new technology benefits patients by making surgery less invasive and reducing the risk of infection.

Connecting to the internet however creates security risks and challenges for the devices, the applications they interact with as well as the data. With patient safety top of mind, the customer sought a solution that would both protect the transfer and receipt of critical data and surgical instructions as well as provide strong authentication and guarantee the integrity of the medical device itself.

Working closely with the customer’s project team, nCipher and Device Authority have been able to provide a solution that meets integration and security needs, as well provide enhanced features to support both online and offline processing.

“Every day we are seeing how technology in healthcare is helping improve the care that patients receive. However, we have also seen that the healthcare industry is regularly under threat from cybercriminals. Our partnership with Device Authority has enabled us to solve device authentication and data security challenges that are hindering IoT deployments,” said Cindy Provin, CEO, nCipher Security. “By creating a hardened system for issuing and managing device credentials and the keys that are essential to creating a root of trust, we enhance patient safety and allow organizations to confidently deploy business critical IoT projects. This has led to our first joint customer win with a large medical device manufacturer securing surgical robot systems.”

“Patient safety, data confidentiality, risk control and adhering to compliance requirements such as HIPAA are all important when deploying connected medical devices,” said Darron Antill, CEO of Device Authority. “KeyScaler is a leading software platform which can solve all these challenges with its device-bound data security which is relevant for many Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) use cases. We are excited to secure this long-term contract alongside our strategic partner nCipher and look forward to many more.”


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