Des-Case advances into IIoT space with release of its connected desiccant breather IsoLogic

Des-Case Corp., vendor of desiccant breathers and manufacturer of specialty filtration products that improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life for global companies, launched this week IsoLogic, its initial connected desiccant breather.

Des-Case IsoLogic leverages connected technology to offer the most accurate breather on the market. By eliminating the subjectivity of color-changing desiccant media, IsoLogic sensor technology within the breather provides a digital reading of remaining breather life, saturation direction and breather temperature.

An accurate reading of breather status means the breather is never replaced too early or left on too long leaving an asset unprotected. The humidity and temperature sensors in the desiccant breather communicate through an RFID-connected module, which synchronizes via Bluetooth to the corresponding IsoLogic app.

Users are able to view current breather status through a visual dashboard on the app and monitor alerts related to breather saturation, temperature and battery life. These insights provide maintenance and reliability staff a predictive look into proactively managing equipment. Additionally, a web-based platform allows users to view system status as well as historical trend data related to one or many breathers with IsoLogic technology. This data offers decision makers essential information to manage critical assets and plant-wide reliability programs.

“While the precision and accuracy of IsoLogic technology is of definite value to customers, having the ability to detect and record the exact moment of sudden water ingress is what makes our connected breather an invaluable predictive maintenance tool,” says Mark Barnes, Des-Case Vice President, Reliability Services.

Also, connected solutions like IsoLogic offer maintenance and reliability professionals a timesaving and safe way to monitor breather status on remote or hard-to-access equipment within a 100-foot range. Visual indicators on the module alert employees when the breather cartridge is ready to be replaced or batteries are running low.

Patent-pending IsoLogic is Des-Case’s initial entrance into the rapidly growing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space, expanding on the launch of the first desiccant breather by the company in 1983 and its many innovations since.

It is projected that 20.4 billion connected things will be in use by 2020, and 86 percent of respondents to a Bsquare survey already have IIoT solutions in place.

IsoLogic technology is available on Des-Case VentGuard desiccant breathers. An ideal solution to protect low-flow applications with intermittent operations, VentGuard breathers have check-valve technology that isolates the system and only ‘breathes’ when necessary. Other applications for VentGuard breathers include gearboxes, high-humidity and wash-downs.

“I believe Des-Case has built its excellent brand reputation by always staying connected to our customers―truly understanding their daily struggles and providing high-performing products that solve problems,” said Des-Case CEO Brian Gleason. “With IsoLogic, Des-Case can be connected to our customers and serve them in a more modern and innovative way than ever before. IsoLogic will provide a level of accuracy and asset data that has not been available until now.”

IsoLogic is now available in beta test and limited quantities directly from Des-Case. Des-Case is currently partnered with several large organizations, spanning many industries, such as mining and minerals, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and general manufacturing.

Last month, Des-Case announced its acquisition of RMF Systems to maintain hydraulic oil and lubricant cleanliness. With the addition of RMF, Des-Case will provide a broader range of solutions, greater customer convenience and deeper professional expertise.

Des-Case holds the leading position in the North American breather market and also provides world-class filtration and transfer systems of all shapes and sizes, while RMF is a major player in the European filtration market with a particular focus on hydraulic solutions.

Together, Des-Case and RMF will help companies make their equipment investments last longer through an extensive combined product line that will provide solutions of superior breadth and depth for any contamination problem.


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