Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program develops use case blueprints to help accelerate projects

Dell launched its Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program for the advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and solutions. The program builds an ecosystem of partners to help customers navigate the fragmented IoT landscape and identify the right technologies to develop their IoT solutions.

Dell will offer participating partners access to its product portfolio, offer support and increased opportunities for incremental business growth.

The Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program is a multi-tiered ecosystem of domain experts that enable distributed IoT solutions for commercial and industrial use cases. The program will enable ISVs, service providers, OEMs and end customers to find the right partners to deploy scalable, differentiated solutions on top of Dell’s line of IoT-enabling technologies.

Dell takes a pragmatic approach to the Internet of Things by building on the equipment and data users already have, and leveraging current technology investments, to enable analytics-driven action. At Dell the focus is on the company’s analytics, data management and infrastructure solutions that give the power to ensure that the IoT solution enables analytics where it makes sense – at the edge, in the data center or in the cloud. With security tools and expertise, and a holistic approach, Dell helps ensure infrastructure and data remain safe, secure and private.

Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program includes over 25 partners including GE, SAP, Software AG, Microsoft and OSIsoft, which are utilizing the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series to power their own IoT solutions. Dell also continues to build relationships with systems integrators (SIs) with vertical expertise and deployment scale.

Partners are qualified to integrate purpose-built IoT hardware such as edge gateways and embedded PCs into full IoT solutions. Many partners also work with other Dell technologies such as server, storage, and networking hardware and software tools for security, manageability, data integration and analytics. Connecting with Dell and partners for implementation and support of IoT investments help lower risk, accelerate ROI and increase business agility.


The Dell Edge Gateway now also supports Windows 10 for secure, reliable, and streamlined support and is Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT. Customers can depend on the Edge Gateway for seamless and security-enhanced data with the Azure IoT Suite.

Creating use case blueprints is one of the many ways Dell is working with partners to help customers speed up their IoT projects and make sense of the vast ISV landscape. Dell, Kepware, and Software AG are collaborating to develop IoT enabled predictive maintenance models utilizing distributed analytics to address the industry’s biggest operational challenges, such as unplanned downtime, overall equipment effectiveness, maintenance cost and return on assets.

With Microsoft and Blue Pillar, Dell is delivering Automated Demand Response solutions which help utilities maintain grid reliability and enable customers to realize significant value through dispatch of onsite power generation or reduction in consumption. This allows users to improve profitability through demand response incentives and reduce operational risks through proactive notification from the utility of potential power disruptions.

Dell and SAP are also collaborating to bring business to the edge with models designed to help address the industry’s biggest operational challenges, such as business continuity, overall equipment effectiveness, maintenance cost and return on assets.

The Dell Edge Gateway 5100 Model designed for the extended temperature ranges found in industrial environments is now available on Dell also launched five new accessories for the Edge Gateways, including I/O and power expansion modules, ZigBee module, CAN bus card, and IP65-rated rugged enclosure. Finally, Dell revealed new cloud-based manageability software, the Edge Device Manager (EDM), which provides centralized reporting and control of edge gateways from a single cloud-based console.

Additional partners are adding tremendous value through their specialized areas of expertise, including Azeti, Blue Pillar, Datawatch, Eigen Innovations, Flowthings, Flutura, GE, Kepware, Lynx Software, Microsoft Azure, OSIsoft, relayr, SAP, Software AG, and ThingWorx.

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