Data I/O’s SentriX platform enables OEMs and electronic manufacturers to provision and personalize IoT devices

Data I/O Corp. announced on Wednesday production availability of SentriX provisioning support for the EdgeLock SE050 Secure Element from NXP Semiconductors. Data I/O and NXP are collaborating closely to bring the EdgeLock SE050 Secure Element and SentriX provisioning support to market.

The SentriX system from Data I/O, combined with other services provided by distributors, programming centers and EMS partners, allows OEMs of any size to securely provision EdgeLock SE050 Secure Element from early samples all the way to high volume production.

IoT security is moving from a must have requirement to a business enabler. The multitude of revenue generating applications and OEM product brands that must be protected requires great flexibility from device security hardware and software. In addition to flexibility, IoT and consumer electronics OEMs also need simplicity due to increasing time to market pressure. The best design approach for OEMs is to build hardware-based security into their products. 

NXP’s EdgeLock SE050 Secure Element together with Data I/O SentriX enabled provisioning as-a-service offers the ideal combination of hardware-based security robustness, design flexibility and manufacturing production ease of use available. Data I/O SentriX enabled provisioning as-a-service for security ICs and microcontrollers is available through multiple franchise component distributors and silicon device programming centers.

The SE050 is a ready-to-use IoT secure element solution. It provides a root of trust at the IC level, and it gives an IoT system with edge-to-cloud security capability right out of the box. SE050 allows for securely storing and provisioning credentials and performing cryptographic operations for security critical communication and control functions. SE050 is versatile in IoT security use cases such as secure connection to public/private clouds, device-to-device authentication or protection of sensor data.

SE050 has an independent Common Criteria EAL 6+ security certification up to OS level and supports both RSA & ECC asymmetric cryptographic algorithms with high key length and future proof ECC curves. The latest security measures protect the IC even against sophisticated non-invasive and invasive attack scenarios.

The SE050 is a turnkey solution that comes with Java Card operating system and an applet optimized for IoT security use cases pre-installed. This is complemented by a comprehensive product support package, enabling fast time to market & easy design- in with Plug & Trust middleware for host applications, easy to use development kits, reference designs, and extensive documentation for product evaluation.

The SE050 is based on NXP’s Integral Security Architecture 3.0 providing a secure and efficient protection against various security threats. The efficiency of the security measures is proven by a Common Criteria EAL6+ certification. It operates fully autonomously based on an integrated Javacard operating system and applet, with direct memory access is possible by the fixed functionalities of the applet only.

“We are pleased to collaborate with NXP to provide a trusted security deployment solution for NXP’s new EdgeLock SE050 Secure Element,” said Anthony Ambrose, president and CEO of Data I/O. “The SentriX security deployment system enables OEMs to embed a hardware-based root-of-trust in the EdgeLock SE050 device during the manufacturing flow at production scale. Because Data I/O provides the SentriX platform-as-a-service to component distributors and programming centers, its capability is available to OEMs with no minimum order quantities but scales to very high volume. As the IoT market grows and attacks become increasingly prevalent, OEMs of all sizes must have a cost-effective and integrated method to enable hardware-based security.”

“Device personalization and secure, simplified cryptographic key provisioning are critical elements to a customer’s need and experience,” said Philippe Dubois, vice president and general manager of IoT security and smart mobility and retail at NXP Semiconductors. “Thanks to our collaboration with Data I/O, our customers can effortlessly personalize and tailor their OEM devices with individual keys and credentials on EdgeLock SE050 Secure Element to meet their needs and volumes. Additionally, the EdgeLock SE050 ‘Plug & Trust’ features allow a broad range of customers to implement high-performance security for sensing and control, secure connections to multiple cloud services, and offers integrity protection for their IoT platforms.”

Data I/O and NXP have collaborated to bring this important provisioning support to market, following NXP’s A71CH Plug & Trust Secure Element supported by the SentriX Secure Provisioning System.

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