CytexOne unveils smart manufacturing practice based on Industrial Internet of Things, data analytics, M2M capability

CytexOne announced on Monday its smart manufacturing practice targeted to commercial industrial environments, helping smooth the path to intelligence, automation and increased profitability utilizing digital technology. CytexOne’s industrial offering is available nationwide and provides services, product integration and customized applications addressing “smart factories” – from industrial floors, to agricultural settings.

CytexOne IIoT offerings deliver shortened innovation cycles in complex production streams; increased closed looped quality process with seamless integration using real-time analytics; increased digital-enterprise flexibility, reducing time to market of products/services; rapid response to volatile markets with traceability; and improving energy and operational efficiencies.

“Carefully designed and deployed IIoT solutions by CytexOne help create smart factories with increased visibility, new levels of automation and measurable cost savings,” said Dan Levine, CEO of CytexOne. “Manufacturers need to find the right integrator and begin their IIoT plans today as the world is moving very quickly.”

CytexOne specializes in expert integration for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, M2M communications, including continuous monitoring, and customized, integrated data analytics. With the advent of Industry 4.0 initiatives for the industrial market, manufacturers must plan for wide-scale technology transformation.

CytexOne customizes connected products and data analytics as part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) implementation and automates common processes. CytexOne reports in real time, the state of the business. By creating customized single integrated systems for industrial settings, CytexOne boosts worker productivity, preserves data integrity, reduces waste, and enhances plant safety. CytexOne provides efficiency and accuracy through the customized deployment of IIoT solutions.

CytexOne brings together manufacturing products, processes and connected technologies through a holistic approach and digital transformation that optimizes the entire value chain. The result is plant-wide connectivity between new data sources from sensors, legacy systems, applications, machines and cloud services. CytexOne solutions connect people and machines and CytexOne builds a network of information gathering, synthesis, analytics and then helps end users more efficiently deliver goods and services.

CytexOne supports a range of value-added IIoT solutions and services to help factories, warehouses, energy plants, buildings and agriculture turn mundane tasks into intelligent and integrated operations where reporting, analysis and system failures are better reported, documented and improved upon. A small sampling of CytexOne industrial technology includes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), sensors, automated haulage systems, yield monitors, GPS and smart meters.

When integrated strategically, Industry 4.0 initiatives and the IIoT result in improved industrial automation with real-time data analytics. CytexOne supports a range of automated industrial applications, including water Pressure flow; automated flow control; moisture sensing; M2M applications such as machine auto-diagnosis and assets control; temperature monitoring; and indoor location monitoring.

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