Cubic aligns with Microsoft CityNext to deliver innovation to cities globally

Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS), a business unit of Cubic Corp., announced Thursday its participation in Microsoft CityNext, a global initiative empowering cities, businesses and citizens to reimagine their futures and cultivate vibrant communities.

Through the Microsoft CityNext initiative, Microsoft and CTS will help cities do “new with less,” by combining the power of technology with innovative solutions to connect governments, businesses and citizens with services that increase efficiencies, reduce costs, foster a more sustainable environment and cultivate thriving communities.

“Cubic and Microsoft have been working at full speed for several months to introduce our alliance to existing and potential customers, and we have secured projects in North America and Australia,” said Matt Cole, president of Cubic Transportation Systems. “The first is part of our contract with the Miami-Dade County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works to modernize the Cubic-supplied EASY Card revenue management system, including migration of their back office to Microsoft’s Azure.”

Leveraging a broad portfolio of familiar and security-enhanced consumer-to-business software, partner solutions, devices and services and Microsoft’s history of education and social programs, Microsoft CityNext is a collective effort that helps cities anticipate and plan for these changes and challenges, enabling them to meet citizens’ needs, thrive economically and embrace modernity.

NextCity is Cubic’s coordinated framework for building a smarter tomorrow in the world’s urban centers where increasing populations are resulting in greater traffic congestion, frustrated travelers and lessened productivity – contradicting the very economic excitement cities were designed to inspire.

NextCity integrates travel information and payment, customer experience as well as operations and analytics in the region for all modes of transportation. The Microsoft Azure cloud platform provides the hosting environment that manages the back office data from participating agencies.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Cubic on Microsoft CityNext. Microsoft prioritizes a people- and partner-first approach across all our initiatives, and this initiative is no different,” said Trudy Norris-Grey, managing director, business development, Worldwide Public Sector, Microsoft.

“While cities are feeling the strain from economic challenges, Microsoft CityNext ushers in innovative technology solutions to create opportunities for cities and their citizens, enabling them to accomplish what they never thought possible,” she added. “We’re inspired by our diverse partner ecosystem and know that working together we can help cities realize their full potential.”

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