Cree enhances SmartCast Intelligence Platform to deliver IoT capability for outdoor and smart building offerings

As buildings become increasingly more connected through the Internet of Things (IoT), owners and operators require an intuitive platform for their building intelligence solutions. To meet this need, Cree is expanding its SmartCast Intelligence Platform to include connected wireless capabilities that enable smart building solutions, such as building automation and control network (BACnet) connectivity, advanced lighting control, and building analytics.

The data analytics and third-party integration capabilities of Cree’s SmartCast PoE system are available for new or upgraded SmartCast Wireless luminaires with SmartCast Wireless Gateway and SmartCast Link devices. These capabilities enable lighting networks to benefit from the full extent of IoT building solutions. These solutions include data analytics and actionable insights on energy utilization, space optimization and employee productivity for building owners and operators.

Additionally, the network can connect directly with other systems throughout the building via SmartCast BACnet connectivity or API and with third-party applications within Cree’s development partner ecosystem.

In addition, Cree is announcing a new collaboration with Synapse Wireless to deliver intuitive lighting control designed for outdoor area and high-bay applications. Together, these platform enhancements deliver connected solutions to more customers and applications, such as complete campus and industrial settings, while making it easier to upgrade existing buildings to intelligent lighting systems.

The expanded SmartCast Wireless Connected Platform includes SmartCast Wireless Gateway that amplifies the savings potential in a building by integrating SmartCast Wireless lighting networks, devices and data with other building management systems such as cooling and heating systems through the SmartCast Link device.

The SmartCast Link device provides a connection between the lighting network and third-party applications while separating and protecting critical systems and data. This device hosts the SmartCast Advisor™ that helps building owners save energy and improve space utilization, as well as hosts the SmartCast API, which allows third-party applications to communicate with and control the lighting network.

It also includes SmartCast BACnet Connectivity that connects the Cree SmartCast line of devices, whether PoE or wireless, into a BACnet system. This application enables customers to extract more value from the SmartCast connected lighting network by leveraging BACnet and connecting to other building systems.

In collaboration with Synapse, new SimplySNAP enabled Cree LED luminaires are integrated with a wireless control system that offers a reliable and secure, 2.4 GHz mesh network. The solution is adaptable to many different deployment models, including small, off-line locations all the way to large installations requiring thousands of fixtures.

Fully tested for optimal integration, the end-to-end system is simple and easy to install with stand-alone functionality from initial deployment. It includes scene and zone controls, event scheduling and triggers, occupancy and vacancy monitoring, daylight harvesting and custom alerts.

“At Cree, we are focused on leveraging our LED and systems technology to go beyond illumination and address our customers’ needs,” said Craig Atwater, Cree senior vice president and general manager of lighting. “The newly enhanced wireless capabilities and BACnet connectivity of Cree’s SmartCast Intelligence Platform as well as our new SimplySNAP enabled control options open the door to unlimited applications for building owners and operators to increase the overall value and capabilities of their buildings and campuses, no matter the setting.”

Both the SmartCast Wireless Connected Platform and select SimplySNAP enabled Cree luminaires will be available this summer.


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