Covisint unveils IoT platform for enabling digital transformation to connect people, systems and things

Covisint Corp. announced this week availability of its IoT Platform for unlocking the full potential of IoT by enabling secure interactions across digital ecosystems of people, systems and things.

The Covisint IoT Platform is aimed at global enterprises and technology partner organizations interested in strengthening their digital transformation initiatives and practices, as well as independent software vendors and end-customers seeking a highly-scalable, highly-secure open platform for development of enterprise IoT solutions.

Covisint’s IoT Platform brings together a set of foundational capabilities that helps businesses rapidly deliver IoT solutions supportive of digital transformation. It provides a unified data model that brings together the devices, the systems and the people that interact with into one coherent logical data store; delivers security that helps businesses respond quickly and contextually to deliver better value, while minimizing security risk; and unified messaging that brings together messaging and orchestration in both real-time and batch interactions to effectively digitize end-to-end business processes.

The platform comes with an API-first approach for enabling agnostic and loosely coupled business service integration for complex transformations; and a microservices architecture to meet the scalability demands of billions of connected devices and digital businesses.

The Covisint IoT Platform is different — delivered as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) with global support, it offers a complete set of capabilities required to rapidly build enterprise IoT solutions, including advanced identity, authentication, authorization, real-time messaging and orchestration, as well as digital ecosystem definition and management capabilities to facilitate secure information sharing and trusted interactions with the world around that connected asset.

The Covisint IoT Platform can uniquely identify people, systems and things, and manage access to the right information at the right time, and enables secure interactions, both of which facilitates offering more personalized services with higher customer retention; real-time insights on customer behavior and preferences; and transforming physical products into recurring services.

In the connected economy, market leaders win with agility and business velocity. The Covisint IoT Platform enables developers to build solutions faster with more predictability; ease previously complex and costly tasks of integration and operations; and maximize return on development resources.

The Covisint IoT Platform enables rapid delivery of new enterprise IoT solutions, while providing tools to seamlessly integrate with existing investments. It enables development of both connected products and process solutions on a common platform; facilitates easy integration with enterprise systems of record and first-generation IoT solutions; and supports a range of devices and communication protocols to handle solution diversity.

IoT solutions creates new attack surfaces and new risks. The Covisint IoT Platform enables rapid innovation while providing tools for advanced authentication, authorization and governance of people, systems and things to ensure security and compliance. It manages the identities of people, systems and things holistically with a single platform; delivers scale to millions and billions of transactions on a proven backbone; and is built on SOC-II certified infrastructure, with five 9’s reliability.

“Having a developer-friendly platform to enable the rapid development of IoT solutions is critical to winning in the marketplace,” said Joel Kremke, SVP of Partnerships and Alliances, Covisint.  “Providing unique security and entity management capabilities to facilitate secure interactions between people, systems and things is how the Covisint IoT Platform is differentiated.  We’re pleased to have our Platform recognized as a winner of Sogeti’s 2016 IoT Hackathon, and looking forward to working with them and other partners to help their end-customers realize the transformational potential of IoT.”

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