CompuCom delivers cloud-based managed service powered by Intel Security

CompuCom expanded its Managed Security Services (MSS) through a multi-point alignment with Intel Security and Intel for the release of its upgraded Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services. CompuCom’s SIEM services provide enterprise, commercial and small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with industry-leading security event management, correlation and advanced analytics. Due to cost and complexity, these benefits are typically only available to the largest of enterprises.

CompuCom now provides the latest in security event monitoring to help enterprises identify and halt threats before they become a breach. When combined with its other network, service desk, data center and cloud managed services, the portfolio delivers an exclusive, comprehensive managed IT service that is smarter, safer and more affordable.

To achieve these new capabilities, CompuCom has deployed Intel Security’s McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) as its SIEM tool in a new and exciting way, as a completely cloud-hosted and delivered solution.

By leveraging a cloud-delivered ESM service, CompuCom can quickly respond to a clients’ needs and provide a solution that is both flexible and cost effective. This use of ESM strengthens the partnership between CompuCom and Intel for managed services and operations, as CompuCom has established a custom delivery platform built on Intel vPro deep-command technologies. This combination of technologies gives CompuCom the ability to respond in near real-time to known threats and remediate the affected devices, whether on site or remote.

CompuCom’s SIEM and Intel Security’s ESM partnership deliver improved security features and functions, including real-time threat management on servers and desktops, virtualized or physical, on premises or in the cloud. Advanced correlation of events across multiple systems and platforms. Current attacks are often coordinated across different vulnerabilities. CompuCom’s comprehensive Managed Security Service that can be delivered on almost any manufacturer’s endpoint hardware.

“CompuCom is a true leader and innovator in the Intel Security partner community,” said Richard Steranka, head of global channel operations, Intel Security. “CompuCom excels at building successful IT managed services based on innovative, industry-leading technologies; our customers are the true winners receiving enterprise-level services made affordable to businesses of all sizes.”

The CompuCom and Intel Security partnership is changing the way security is delivered and managed to customers. The SIEM and ESM combination will provide a more reliable, comprehensive incident management to businesses of all sizes.

“Security is an integral part of our clients’ cloud and data center strategies,” noted George Karidis, executive vice president and president of CompuCom’s cloud technology services. “They need a partner that can provide security solutions and services regardless of where their data lives – a traditional data center, laptop, mobile device or public cloud service. They need to be confident that potential threats are being monitored and, when an event does occur, that the right steps are taken to stop the threat before it becomes a breach. The combination of Intel Security’s ESM tool set and CompuCom’s data center, cloud and network services enable us to provide a complete and affordable Managed Security Service.”

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