Atomation has created a sensing technology that gives businesses the ability to monitor equipment and machinery that was previously unmonitored. The simplest way to understand the technology is to ask binary questions:

  • Is the device on or off?
  • Is the utility pole tilted or did it remain upright after impact?
  • Did the wind cause excessive vibration on the metal arm of the tower?
  • Is the motor vibrating more than it did yesterday?
  • Is the compressor operating differently?
  • Is the pump working?
  • Is the temperature in the freezer decreasing or increasing?

Atomation sensors, called Atoms, answer these questions and many more for their users. Small, wireless, and battery-operated with computing and memory capabilities, Atoms are easily installed and immediately operational. Atomation’s secret is the powerful edge computing capabilities that allow Atoms to recognize normal operational behavior for any device.

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Atoms continuously monitor and process information locally, instead of sending a constant stream of data back to a central system. When thresholds are exceeded or equipment is acting outside of normal, Atoms send information, notifying users of problems before equipment fails or when events have occurred in the field that require attention.

Because Atoms can be used by a variety of different types of equipment, sensor selection and installation are also simplified. Complex architecture of a monitoring solution is completely unnecessary.

Atoms communicate either via blue-tooth low energy to a gateway or directly to the cloud, providing immediate visibility into operational information and equipment health. Users can access data via the mobile app, through the Atomation dashboard, or by pulling information directly into their systems using the restful API.

Atomation, founded in Tel Aviv and now with headquarters in St. Louis, MO, is a business-to-business solutions company that uses an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) platform and processes to connect existing, in-field, legacy objects and assets to the internet. Focused on making the data gathered by sensors into useful and actionable information, Atomation solves problems differently with affordable and simple solutions that allow businesses to transform operations and optimize their bottom line.  Atomate it!®


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