CMI Develops IoT Smart Home Platform for European Market

To unify the smart home ecosystem in European homes, China Mobile International (CMI) has developed RINGA, an open IoT platform, to connect devices between telcos, service providers, device makers, and retail brands.

RINGA is distributed as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud solution, paving the way for a unified smart home ecosystem and providing users with one-stop access to IoT hardware and standardized end-to-end applications with enhanced connectivity.

The PaaS platform also supports key wireless connectivity technologies, including LTE Cat 1 and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), the KNX-RF system, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.

“As intelligent digitalization continues to transform industries worldwide, CMI has recognized the demand for integrated smart home solutions that are quick to market, scalable, and globally deployable.” Dr. Lin Erwei, director and executive vice president of CMI, stated. RINGA was thus created to meet this need.

“We expect to see the installed base of smart home solutions increase rapidly across Europe as consumers increasingly embrace a digital lifestyle and a future where we can connect everywhere.”

RINGA has rich cloud capabilities, including equipment and device development, simulation debugging, scene linkage, message queues, and remote upgrades.

For quick and easy application development, RINGA further supports app control and open API, plus third-party voice platform docking with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and other widely-used voice assistants.

CMI also stated that global telecom operators, service providers, device makers, and retail brands can now use RINGA to rapidly build integrated home automation solutions for markets across Europe.

The wider RINGA portfolio currently includes smart lighting, air purifiers, heating/cooling fans, smoke detectors, security systems, door and window sensors, and health devices, as well as smart sockets and switches that can be used to control other lights and appliances.

Technologies like RINGA allow European homes to stay connected, providing greater convenience for consumers. It also offers more opportunities for businesses to continue innovating and developing tech for their markets.

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