Clovity becomes an Atlassian Solution Partner; will deliver enterprise IoT offerings

Clovity, an end-to-end IoT solution provider and creator of CSensorNet and CDatainsights, announced on Tuesday that it has joined Atlassian’s Solution Partner Program. Clovity aims to couple its end-to-end customized enterprise solutions and commitment to delivering incredible enterprise IoT solutions with Atlassian products such as Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello and Jira Service Desk.

With the rise in Internet of Things (IoT) installed base expected to grow to 26 billion units by 2020, the IoT development, end product and related services will result in $1.9 trillion in global economic value-and-through sales into diverse end markets.

Through its customized IoT solutions, complete with an analytics platform that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence for regulated and unregulated applications, Clovity’s aims to revolutionize all facets of next-generation IoT through enterprise solutions, including location services, asset tracking, early warning systems, and Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS).

Clovity designs, develops, implements, and supports digital life cycle asset management system based on the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud and mobile technologies. As a member of the Program, Clovity will now leverage the Atlassian suite to help facilitate company-wide, complex IoT transformations with open, trustable, and transparent communication across all levels of the organization.

The company emphasizes on combining thought leadership, innovation and passion for technology together to achieve transformation and ‘disruptive solutions’ for banking, finance, healthcare and retail industries that are IoT, cloud, consumerization and big data focused.

Clovity’s commitment to innovation has led to many plug and play solutions and frameworks in IoT (CSensorNet), predictive analytics (CDataInsights), DevOps, mobility etc. that enables customers for faster time to market product launches.

Clovity underpins its solutions with ‘deep agile expertise’ by leveraging its agile framework keeping synthesis in every aspect of customer journey to ensure complete collaboration and transparency. Clovity’s key is to work in absolute synchrony with customers to deliver solutions and projects to create scalable technology foundation and architecture for all future advancements.

“As an Atlassian Solution Partner, Clovity is committed to bringing a true Agile aspiration of organizations, business partners, technology teams et al. into reality,” said Anuj Sachdeva, CEO for Clovity. “True Agile development is not just about science; it’s an art. It’s performed in perfect harmony across the organization, its functions, and is built into the very threads of everyday activities. Such artistry needs true practitioners to get the Agile symphony playing right.”

“We are very happy to use the Atlassian suite to implement this new mindset, and we’re confident it will not only help us achieve significant cost savings for our enterprise customers, but also boost collaboration and transparency performance to enable us to better serve our customers on their IoT journeys,” said Ranjan, Chief Agilist and Head of Delivery at Clovity. “We deliver Agile with the true value it brings – flexibility in accommodating changes to meet market dynamics, faster time to market, higher visibility, and most importantly, happy customers.”


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