Cloud Academy to develop continuous training to Microsoft Azure Internet of Things app developers

Cloud Academy announced a collaboration with Microsoft in the creation of online training content to help get developers up to speed developing apps on the Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Microsoft will work with and advise the Cloud Academy content development team in the planning of courses, hands-on labs, and quizzes that will make up the learning path to aid developers in app creation on the IoT platform. All of the content created will be owned by Cloud Academy and will only accessible on their platform.

“At Cloud Academy, our learning experience is enhanced by great content combined with stellar learning technology,” said Stefano Bellasio, CEO, Cloud Academy. “This combination has always been our secret for helping enterprise companies worldwide to get their teams up to speed with cloud technologies with a continuous learning approach. There is not really a beginning and an end with Cloud Academy – the teams we see move from one project to another, and keep using our platform every month to keep their cloud skills updated. We also see people enjoying our bite-sized content to assess their skills or learn on the go with their colleagues. IoT is a crucial trend for us, and we are proud to have Microsoft’s support in delivering some of the best learning paths we have produced so far.”

Throughout the coming year, Cloud Academy will release new content designed with the advice of the Azure IoT team, which will provide developers the training they need to build apps on the IoT platform. The cloud environment requires flexibility and fluency across multiple platforms and for highly specialized technologies. Cloud Academy was founded in 2014. Their mission is to create training solutions that help individuals, teams, and organizations understand and develop the skills needed to support cloud technologies.

“At Cloud Academy, we are driven to provide the most up-to-date training content available to developers and their organizations,” said Bessie Weiss, Head of Content, Cloud Academy. “We understand how vital it is for workers and businesses to keep current with all of the latest updates and releases on cloud platforms. As these changes are ongoing, our training is continuous to meet its demands. We are thrilled to work with the Microsoft Azure IoT team, to bring our expertise in creating best-in-class Azure training to this emerging field, and to better serve developers in what they do.”

“The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite offers a comprehensive bundle of services for building connected applications across a range of devices and physical footprints,” said Cloud Academy’s Josh Lane, Azure Researcher and Instructor. “From geo-scale messaging and databases to real-time streaming analytics and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, as well as tight integration with the full Azure cloud platform, developers have everything they need to build the next generation of intelligent IoT solutions. As an Azure MVP and Cloud Academy instructor, I’m super-excited about our content collaboration with Microsoft in the IoT space, and can’t wait to see what we build together!”

“The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite enables customers to capture and analyze untapped data that can improve business results,” said Jerry Lee, Director, Cloud Platform Marketing, Microsoft. “We are pleased to work with Cloud Academy to support the next generation of developers creating apps for this platform.”


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