Cleverciti launches smart parking offering for indoor and outdoor parking applications

Cleverciti Systems added on Wednesday ClevercitiCard, its initial parking system to seamlessly combine outdoor and indoor parking guidance, including single-space occupancy detection, into a credit card-sized smart card.

ClevercitiCard is designed to provide integrated, frictionless permit payment and parking guidance for drivers, and offers a complete management solution for parking operators in a variety of industries. An active card that sits on the windshield or the dashboard of a vehicle, ClevercitiCard eases the complexity of the parking process. 

It activates automatically when a car is parked and transmits the position of the vehicle with a precision of 10 inches. It then instantly communicates the appropriate permit, reservation and payment status. With the Cleverciti app, drivers can identify open spaces upon approach to an outdoor parking area or indoor garage. The technology can also be used to provide access to gated or secure areas.

ClevercitiCard offers a unique platform for managing permits for corporate campuses, VIP parking areas, train stations, stadiums, and many others. Employees gain instant guidance of where to park, without losing valuable time. Spaces or defined parking areas can be reserved for specific users according to their permit status, while managers can see in real-time who is parking where and manage parking assets with improved precision, data analytics, and insights.

Campuses can provide their students and faculty members with instant guidance on available parking and view permit status and payment method. The Cleverciti platform gives the parking operator real-time insight of the exact position, length of stay, as well as the permit and payment status of each car. There are also numerous applications in the logistics market, such as for car dealers, car rental, and fleet management companies, where it is essential to locate the exact position of a car.

The Cleverciti dashboard aggregates real-time data to allow organizations to monitor each car as well as any associated user data. Parking operators gain valuable insight into real-time occupancy statistics while drivers benefit from having instantaneous directions to available parking spaces. Furthermore, individuals save time by automatically paying, without the need to visit a meter or ticket machine.

Cleverciti currently has over 56 installations in 20 countries around the world. Its comprehensive suite of smart parking solutions is an ideal choice for organizations focused on a forward-thinking approach to customer service that also seeks to streamline parking and increase the revenue potential of their parking assets.

“With the ClevercitiCard, we can now offer a new level of parking guidance through the integration of permit and payment features for outdoor and indoor parking, without the need to install expensive infrastructure, such as single space sensors. We have placed the sensor, permit and payment functions into a single application, providing a truly seamless and comfortable parking experience for drivers,” said Thomas Hohenacker, CEO and Founder, Cleverciti System. “Companies can now manage corporate parking in a highly efficient way, and organizations with the desire to manage multiple users, including valet parking, have now complete control over their parking assets.”

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