Cisco advances industrial solutions on the Internet of Things platform

Cisco announced Tuesday extension of scalable industrial solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) line with new products. With these new technologies, Cisco continues to extend its position in the industrial IoT space. With 92 percent of existing 64 million machines not connected to a network, there is an opportunity for organizations to make their production environments smarter and more efficient.

Cisco Connected Machines delivers a solution to securely connect devices, transform machine data into real-time insight and grow recurring business when working with machine builders and manufacturers. By implementing the Connected Machines solution, Cisco’s manufacturing customers can benefit from the domain expertise of machine builders to drive machine process improvements through real-time corrective action and continuous, predictive maintenance.

Under the Connected Machines solution, Cisco is now offering an extension of new products, including IE4000 with IOx application framework that runs on all IOx-enabled network infrastructure. The platform has pluggable micro-services and can reliably integrate with IoT sensors and cloud applications in a highly secure way, while processing data closer to the machine. It also offers connected streaming analytics that provides real-time analytics running on the IE4000 for small footprint deployment with IOx-enabled fog applications.

Cisco’s IE4000 switch, IOx enabled fog applications and connected streaming analytics combine to securely connect machines, extract the machine data and deliver real-time actionable insights.

The Cisco Connected Factory, enhanced with IoT connectivity and security products, delivers a complete Industrial Zone solution for customers to scale security, simplify network management and extend the scope of IoT. As part of the Connected Factory framework, Cisco is announcing two new industrial switches IE4010 and IE1000, and enhancements to industrial security appliance ISA3000.

The IE 4010 is a multi-gigabit speed ruggedized switch includes in-line Power over Ethernet/PoE+ multi-speed Ethernet ports, that can power up to 24 other devices in industrial applications.; IE 1000 is a highly secure, compact, lightly managed ruggedized switch includes in-line Power over Ethernet/PoE+ multi-speed Ethernet ports that power up to eight other devices in industrial applications; and the ISA 3000 is an enhanced threat protection appliance is purpose-built for industrial applications that require support for Common Industrial Protocol (CIP).

With Cisco Connected Factory, manufacturing customers benefit from a complete solution to securely connect machines and sensors and gain insight from IoT data in order to reduce cycle time, increase availability and reduce risk, while achieving value from an overall Connected Factory architecture.

Increasing number of devices are connecting to the Internet, expected to reach 50 billion by 2020. Approximately 45 percent of such IoT devices are constrained by battery power and require long range for IoT connectivity.

The Cisco solution for LoRaWAN combines Low-Power-Wide-Area (LPWA) LoRaWAN with WiFi and cellular technologies and is designed for cost-effectively connecting billions of such battery powered, low-data rate and long distance IoT sensors.  The solution includes the Cisco Integrated Module for LoRaWAN that extend existing industrial routers IR809 and IR829 with a ruggedized LoRaWAN interface, Cisco IoT Field Network Director, and partner’s back-end LoRA network server.

The Cisco solution for LoRaWAN offers customer a fully integrated architecture that enables both service providers and enterprise customers rapidly realize business outcomes with IoT. The Cisco solution for LoRaWAN can be deployed for a range of use cases in industrial and smart city applications, including connected assets for asset tracking and asset management; logistics for supply chain management and consignment tracking; smart cities for smart parking, street lighting and waste management; intelligent buildings; utilities; and agriculture.

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