Circadence now part of national effort to promote critical infrastructure security and resilience

Circadence Corp., vendor of cybersecurity readiness offerings, is participating in Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month by educating public and private sectors about modern cybersecurity readiness solutions that emulate networks of entire cities, enabling collaborative preparedness work.

Circadence’s virtualized cyber ranges-as-a-service (CyRaaS) provide public/private entities the opportunity to train in realistic cyber environments that mirror their actual interconnected, internet-of-things networks. These virtualized ranges can model the digital footprints of companies, agencies, entire city networks and even Nation State operation exercises, into living physical and fifth domain environments.

Teams can collaborate and train together to test and improve their cyber skills in protected environments that can scale and flex as their organizations’ inter-connected structure does, but without impacting live systems and networks.

During November, Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month promotes different themes related to the issue including connected infrastructure with cyber and physical interdependence; hometown security to connect, plan, train and report; partnering with the public and private sectors to build resilience Week; and fostering innovation and investment in resilient infrastructure.

America’s national security and economic prosperity are increasingly dependent upon critical infrastructure that is at risk from a variety of hazards, including cyberattacks. Critical infrastructure security and resilience requires a clear understanding of the risks we face and a whole-of-community effort that involves partnership between public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Circadence’s cybersecurity training and assessment platform Project Ares has already been leveraged to conduct live-fire training exercises for the City of Houston in partnership with AECOM and the Army Cyber Institute (ACI). The live-fire exercises gave a new dimension and real-world simulation to traditional “table top” exercises that are typically used for disaster preparedness. The exercises brought required sectors such as government, industry and academia together, and included the technical and policy personnel, so everyone learned how to work together.

“We are seeing agencies and companies work to make systematic, holistic, and cultural changes through improved cybersecurity standards, best practices, processes, technology, and workforce,” said Josh Davis, Circadence’s Director of Channels. “The massive, distributed, and legacy infrastructure we have today demands a layered security approach that focuses on building a true understanding of what’s at risk with critical infrastructure today—and that requires a targeted focus on the people who operate these systems both digitally and physically.”

“Just as we rely on critical infrastructure, we all play a role in keeping it strong, secure, and resilient against evolving threats. The critical infrastructure industry is volatile and vulnerable to cyberattacks more than ever before, which is why we are dedicated to equipping these companies with cyber readiness solutions that provide true-to-life virtual scenario cyber team training,” said Michael Moniz, co-founder and CEO of Circadence. “We are passionate about helping every critical industry sector, every state and every city learn to successfully mitigate cyber risk—and they can do so with our inCyt, CyRaaS and Project Ares solutions.”


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