CES 2020: Aeris debuts initial intelligent IoT network to reduce cost and operational barriers between applications and connectivity

Aeris is coming to CES 2020 with its Fusion IoT Network, its initial intelligent, 5G-ready connectivity solution. Partnering with Google Cloud Platform as the infrastructure provider, the Fusion IoT Network responds to a rapidly changing global environment. 

At CES, users will be able to discover how the power and reach of the Aeris Fusion IoT Network can improve a solution’s functionality by leveraging control of authentication and data sessions; resolving problems faster with the Aeris-built and operated network; and saving money with more efficient operations through workflow automation, faster troubleshooting.

The Aeris Fusion IoT Network is a purpose-built, intelligent network with connectivity management platform that is designed to capture more data about IoT devices and their connections, providing unique capabilities that users cannot find anywhere else.

The Fusion IoT Network was designed to eliminate the silos, and offer greater program functionality for updates, administration and security. By making the OTA process aware of the state of connectivity, users can reduce cost by 60 percent, improve update scaling by 40 percent, and increase battery life by 30 percent. Customers can either use Aeris connectivity-aware OTA APIs to integrate into their own solution or Aeris’ OTA campaign manager.

In many cases, IoT solutions are sold through channels where the partner may be responsible for IoT connectivity billing, monitoring, and troubleshooting, said Aeris. The Fusion IoT Network can handle account hierarchy and complex distribution models with strong security between customer accounts. The Fusion IoT network provides multi-layered security solutions, including detecting anomalies at the connectivity layer. The network handles non-standard models, including event-based and lifetime pricing. 

In addition, the platform offers flexibility across carrier networks and technologies, particularly advantageous as IoT programs scale up from single-region to global deployments. The Fusion IoT Network enables carrier mobility through subscription management, multi-IMSI solutions, or pairing the wireless subscription to the user’s personal plan.

“CES is the perfect forum to connect with top innovators in the global IoT sector,” said Raj Kanaya, managing director of automotive, chief marketing officer, Aeris, and CEO, Aeris Japan. “We welcome all visitors to our booth to discuss the latest in IoT connectivity and what customers are looking for today to make IoT a useful, economical tool for companies across the globe.”

“We’re celebrating our fifth year at CES and are excited to show how Aeris has evolved over the past year, particularly with the launch of the Fusion IoT network, which is helping businesses around the world develop and deploy new IoT solutions,” said Christina Richards, Aeris’ vice president of global marketing. “We look forward to diving deeper into the wide variety of industries in which Aeris plays a major part in enabling connectivity and success.”

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