CES 2019: Amber set to reveal solid-state smart products from its line of energy efficiency outlets, switches, GFCIs, circuit breakers, LEDs

Amber Solutions Inc. announced on Wednesday plans to reveal its technologies in a portfolio of smart products at CES 2019. The company’s product portfolio includes fully solid-state outlets, switches, GFCIs, circuit breakers and LED bulbs.

At CES, each demo showcases increased safety, reliability and energy efficiency from its solid-state architecture, coupled with expanded IoT functions – uniquely within the same product footprint of prevailing standard, electro-mechanical based smart products.

Amber Solutions, headquartered in Dublin, California, is bringing smart products to home and building IoT infrastructure. This Silicon Valley-based technology company sets the bar high with its technologies in solid-state implementations, enabling enhanced IoT integration solutions. The company is a technology startup company with breakthroughs in solid-state solutions for enhanced internet of things (IoT) integration into building automation, industrial control, lighting, home safety and security.  

Amber’s technologies drive major disruption of the 1950’s era electrification technology standard in AC and DC powered smart products. Amber enables transformation from the old electro-mechanical standards to modern solid-state architecture, creating more opportunity for IoT integration (intelligence) than is possible in current products.

The unique and pervasive sensor, connectivity and control foundation made possible thru Amber, enables every IoT system (smart home, access control, fire control, HVAC, lighting, etc.) and standalone smart products to easily leverage this more robust IoT architecture, for smarter, safer, more energy efficient homes and buildings.

“We are pleased to showcase our technologies and portfolio of smarter products at CES,” said Thar Casey CEO and co-founder of Amber. “Over the past year, we made substantial advancements in both invention and productization of our technological breakthroughs. The result is a portfolio of products that are fully demonstratable and represent a major transformation for IoT infrastructure and an accelerator for IoT system adoption in residential and commercial markets, globally.”

At CES 2019, Amber will demonstrate its core fundamental technologies in a private suite to key industry leaders. The company’s demos will feature solid-state architecture with no electro-mechanical parts, for enhanced safety, reliability, greater energy efficiency and with enhanced IoT.

For example, Amber will demo its technology in a circuit breaker featuring programmability, power metering, remote wireless status reporting and alerts, single touch on/off, and remote wireless on/off – in the current standard industry form factor (retrofit).

In May,  Amber announced the closing of its Series A Preferred Stock round of financing. The $3.3 million in gross proceeds from the financing is expected to support the commercial development of Amber’s core technologies, which enables more IoT features in products like smart outlets and smart switches than other comparable technologies.

The Amber IoT ecosystem provides a substantially expanded IoT sensor and automation infrastructure, which is a necessary foundation for the next generation of artificial Intelligence (AI)-based smart automation systems in development.


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