CES 2017: Onkyo unveils VC-FLX1, its smart speaker with Alexa voice service

Onkyo U.S.A. Corp. showcased at the recent Consumer Electronics Show new ways to enjoy music, along with the company’s initial foray into the IoT market with the VC-FLX1 smart speaker.

In addition to developing products that enable high-quality music playback on mobile devices such as digital audio players (DAP) and smartphones, Onkyo is developing products that produce excellent sound quality with an eye on the IoT sector where all things are connected via the Internet.

As part of that initiative, Onkyo has developed the VC-FLX1, a smart speaker that features Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. In addition to high quality audio playback, the VC-FLX1 can help customers monitor the surrounding area via a built-in web camera, and temperature and humidity sensor. The result is a revolutionary speaker system that not only sounds great but also adds tremendous functionality and value.

The VC-FLX1 includes Amazon Alexa that helps users play music, control their smart home and more using just their voice; high-quality music playback using full range speaker driver; web camera with motion, temperature and humidity sensors. Combined with third party cloud service, it is possible to monitor the environment using the smartphone; built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities; and will support a variety of network music services and Internet radio.

Sales region, suggested retail price and scheduled introduction date are currently under consideration.

Responding to the changing music playback environment, Onkyo continues to develop high quality products and services that provide new ways to enjoy music through a combination of advanced technology cultivated over decades, and advanced digital technology.

In cooperation with products and music services, Onkyo is establishing an ecosystem centered on providing new high-quality music experiences.

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