CenturyLink debuts IoT analytics platform to deliver personalized experiences

CenturyLink introduced Monday its Location-Based Analytics, a mobile engagement, analytics and marketing solution for owners and operators of spaces and places where customers congregate.

This comprehensive, fully managed solution features Wi-Fi technology and an analytics platform to gather relevant customer demographic and location data, powerful analytics capabilities to discern business insights, and social engagement and marketing tools for businesses to act upon data findings in real-time.

This solution is designed to help businesses create highly personalized experiences for visitors at their physical locations using a variety of engagement tactics, such as individualized messages, offers, wayfinding apps and activity suggestions. It empowers owners and operators of physical spaces to understand customers in real-time, and then send relevant messages that resonate with their identity and needs. It brings Wi-Fi access and analytics technology together, combining them with social engagement and marketing tools to help businesses gain valuable insights into real-time data.

By integrating Location-Based Analytics from CenturyLink with existing comprehensive Managed Services and Data Analytics Consulting techniques, these next generation capabilities are simple to implement. The solution allows users to gather customer and location intelligence from users’ mobile devices or from sensors connected to Wi-Fi endpoints.

Then using analytics and marketing portal, a powerful tool for monitoring traffic and location information, to distribute personalized messages to customers within your venue. With Location-Based Analytics from CenturyLink, analytics and marketing portal becomes a central hub for monitoring venue traffic, marketing to customers and monetizing data for improved business innovation.

High-capacity Wi-Fi endpoints strategically located throughout the venue deliver faster internet connections and more coverage for connected mobile devices and asset sensors. A custom branded splash page invites users to securely sign-on via social media authentication or a short form. For increased convenience, the system remembers customer profiles so repeat visitors automatically sign-on as they enter

the venue. To offset costs advertising space can be offered on sign-on and landing pages. These custom advertisements are managed within analytics and marketing portal.

Reports can be run at any time or scheduled to run at a specific recurring time and include a number of details like visitor demographics, device type, browsed websites, and social and contact details; visitor quantity, time of visit and duration spent on premise or in a specific location. View reports on specific venues or locations or view venues by customer group.

The data-driven marketing features help drive business objectives by sending email and text promotions to different audience types; logic flows for building automated behavioral campaign sends; social engagement tools for customer referrals and reviews; easy drag and drop landing page and campaign builder templates; personalized sign-in and landing pages; along with the ability to off-set costs with third party advertising space on landing pages.


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