Cassia Networks and Clovity join to offer nextgen Bluetooth Low Energy IoT capabilities for enterprises

Cassia Networks has partnered with IoT software company Clovity, creator of CSensorNet IoT Accelerator and development focused professional services firm, to build scalable Bluetooth solutions for enterprise and mid-market companies looking to deploy IoT technologies into their ecosystem.

IoT has become a pervasive solution driving the next industrial revolution in various sectors including manufacturing, industrial, retail, medical and financial services.

Through this newly inked partnership, both Cassia and Clovity leverage each other’s innovation to provide a holistic and scalable solution to clients with their IoT projects.

Cassia Networks has been developing long range and edge-intelligence capable, commercial grade BLE routers for industrial, medical, asset tracking, education and fitness applications. With their robust hardware, Cassia can deliver low-maintenance and environment-standard connectivity solutions enabling companies to learn what is happening on the most crucial aspects of their business through Bluetooth enabled sensors.

By creating a complete Bluetooth infrastructure, Cassia enables a range of sensing capabilities able to run effectively with their IoT hardware. Through their IoT Access Controller and advance API capabilities, management and integration are made as seamless as possible to get solutions up and producing an ROI.

Clovity has been creating end to end IoT and software solutions for forward thinking enterprises wanting to capitalize on the growth of connected device solutions. Through their IoT accelerator platform CSensorNet, Clovity can create an ecosystem of interoperability modules (digital, data, cloud/security and IoT) which come together to provide an end to end solution. CSensorNet can bring scalability and decrease IoT deployment timeline with plug-and-play acceleration introducing integration facilitation, visualization capabilities, drag and drop features, actionable intelligence and transmission security at an affordable price point.

By offering edge to user experience modular capabilities, Clovity effectively delivers complex sensing platforms accompanied by analytic insights with engaging dashboards, and enterprise backbone tie-ins. With similar focuses in industrial, healthcare, biotechnology, financial services, retail and product companies, Clovity is able to help enterprises looking to become more edge-intelligent and enabling companies with a go to market strategy and a complete IoT product. Providing both thought leadership and scalable development resources for this emerging technology, Clovity is helping to shape the direction of and accessibility to the current IoT market.

With Cassia and Clovity joining forces, their capabilities in delivering best-of-breed IoT solutions using Bluetooth technologies have expanded. Through a combination of Cassia’s hardware and Clovity’s software, their clients are offered the ability to create customized, wide-range IoT Bluetooth solutions built for their client’s use case and preferred internal technology stack.

By offering a complete solution from a hardware and software perspective, clients can get the full benefits of IoT without the complexity of a multiple vendor solution. Instead of requiring further steps to coordinate two separate parties, the seamless relationship between Cassia and Clovity reduces logistical impediments that can arise while developing complex solutions at an enterprise scale. This simplicity helps to lower costs to the client and increase speed to market for the solution.

“The partnership with Clovity allows end-customers and integrators to get their Bluetooth IoT solutions into production faster and more smoothly than we are seeing today,” said Felix Zhao, CEO at Cassia Networks. “The strong Bluetooth development capabilities from Clovity allows the enterprise to expand and deploy the Cassia infrastructure in a manner that allows for the best ease of use and ROI possible.”

“I am very excited and look forward to providing true value through our partnership with Cassia and integrated solutions for our global clients. This partnership serves to close the gap and allows our clients to benefit from a scalable Bluetooth solution and continued IoT innovation,” said chief strategy officer at Clovity, Chris Medina. “Cassia has an excellent reputation and solution that will give Clovity a new engine of reliable and trusted capability that we look forward to rolling out to our clients now and in the future. We look forward to continued innovation and partnership with the great folks at Cassia.”

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