CalAmp CrashBoxx alters vehicle collisions into actionable IoT intelligence

CalAmp announced the availability of new capabilities for its CrashBoxx vehicle risk management system, enabling insurers, fleet managers and vehicle repair centers to leverage the enhanced capability of CrashBoxx to reliably provide automated accident reconstruction and predictive vehicle damage assessments.

The CrashBoxx services create valuable opportunities for improving the repair and recovery process and mitigating the business impact of a crash. Fleet managers addresses unreported crashes, provides timely assistance to drivers involved in a crash and helps managers evolve policies to protect the well-being of drivers and minimize company liability; insurers lowers the total cost of processing a claim by automating functions associated with assessing damage and the triage of vehicles in the field while reducing fraud by providing defensible data during the accident reconstruction process; and vehicle repair centers unlocks potential opportunities to drive customers involved in accidents to participating partners for repair, parts, maintenance on new car purchases.

CrashBoxx is a highly-reliable, multi-tiered vehicle risk management service that provides businesses with faster, deeper and more actionable insights into crash events in near real-time. The two new CrashBoxx service options are CrashBoxx with accident reconstruction provides detailed analysis of a collision within minutes of the event such as force of the crash, direction of impact, speed prior to impact and other key metrics to automate loss recovery; and CrashBoxx with predictive physical damage helps determine determine in near real-time whether the vehicle is a total loss or repairable. Predictive auto physical damage improves in-field vehicle triage and enables customers to avoid costs associated with unnecessary towing and storage.

“Connected vehicle technology is making great strides in encouraging safer driving, but the impacts of crash events have far-reaching implications for drivers and businesses,” said Justin Schmid, senior vice president and general manager of CalAmp’s telematics systems business. “CrashBoxx is unparalleled in aftermarket vehicle risk management and our new automated accident reconstruction and predictive vehicle damage capabilities empower insurers, fleet owners and vehicle repair centers with actionable intelligence to expedite the repair process, improve third party recovery and mitigate fraud.”

Customers from a range of industries will realize efficiency, productivity and customer service benefits with detailed analyses of crash incidents from CrashBoxx.

Earlier this month, CalAmp expanded its partnership with value added reseller Direct Communications Solutions (DCS) designed to unlock greater connected vehicle benefits for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). The partnership will expedite the delivery of CalAmp’s CrashBoxx vehicle risk management services to SMBs, enabling DCS to reduce costs associated with vehicle accidents, expedite the repair process and improve operational efficiencies.

While larger enterprises that operate fleets have started to reap the benefits of vehicle risk management services, the technologies have not been widely deployed in SMB environments that often require more finely tuned implementations. DCS, a trusted and proven value added reseller, will now offer CalAmp’s CrashBoxx services to enable SMBs to improve their fleet operations.

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