BuildingDNA, Buddy Platform provide smart building offerings to facility managers

BuildingDNA announced on Wednesday a partnership with Buddy Platform Limited, an Internet of Things (IoT) data management, processing and control platform company, to integrate their respective technologies and joint market their solutions to clients.

This partnership showcases how two IoT solutions—when combined—can fundamentally improve the human condition and positively impact the environment.

The Buddy Ohm monitoring solution provides IoT-class hardware (sensors and gateways) for commercial, industrial and multi-family residential buildings, which allows them to monitor real-time building operations including electricity, water, gas, steam, temperature, humidity and solar energy.

The BuildingDNA platform provides smart visual mapping and IoT connectivity to smart systems, sensors and cameras to provide in-building situational awareness to facility managers and first responders. This partnership will offer a complete, smart building solution that includes hardware and software for facility managers to better monitor systems and to help first responders do their job more efficiently and safely in an emergency.

BuildingDNA is creating safer, more sustainable communities…one building at a time. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), the company provides intrabuilding visual awareness (IVA) with applications in public safety, business continuity and building maintenance. This combination of smart visual mapping, connected building systems and predictive/prescriptive analytics is changing the game for both first responders and facility managers.

Buddy Platform provides highly scalable Internet of Things data aggregation and management infrastructure by way of three unique offerings – Buddy Cloud, Buddy Ohm and Parse on Buddy. The Buddy Cloud offers smart city providers a globally scalable data ingestment and management platform.

Buddy Ohm, a complete and low-cost solution for facility resource monitoring and verification, connects systems that were never designed to work together, while turning energy savings into a strategic asset. Parse on Buddy is a mobile backend as a service (mBaaS) built on the world’s most popular BaaS technology. Buddy Platform is headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, with offices in Seattle, Washington.

“Together, we are bringing buildings to life and enabling them to tell you when there is an issue and exactly where that issue is…from anywhere at anytime,” said Joe Hernandez, BuildingDNA CEO. “It’s a perfect synergy for bringing IoT applications to the market that can save money, and help save lives.”

“We’re impressed with the BuildingDNA platform and its ability to help facility managers and building operators visualize their assets,” said Tim Ritchie, VP Sales and Partnerships. “This already-powerful tool combined with Buddy Ohm will now give them the opportunity to see their real-time energy use data; ultimately allowing them to better respond to their occupants’ needs and safety as well as reduce carbon emissions.”

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