BT partners with ForeScout to improve device visibility, network security

BT launched on Wednesday its BT Managed Endpoint Access Security, a new security service protecting organizations from cyber threats and malware through greater visibility and better monitoring of devices connected to their corporate network.

The new service leverages technology from ForeScout Technologies, an Internet of Things (IoT) security company, to provide real-time agentless visibility and control of devices connected to corporate networks. This includes managed, unmanaged, private devices, Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) and IoT.

The security service reduces risk while ensuring that web security is professionally managed by BT. It also finds viruses, malware and inappropriate content before it can be exposed to users or systems as managed service assesses and vets every web page visit or service called from the organization. It also controls and audits who has permissions to visit website and when, through our online portal; offers choice of a cloud based service or a managed on premise solution and provide global support around the clock; provides scalable solutions based on tried and tested designs and implementations that provide enhanced reliability.

It also ensures that security policy is enforced giving you the best chance to respond quickly to the latest threats; and protect users from malware entering the network, and loss of data from the network, through its SSL decryption technologies. It also collaborates with security innovators to deliver the best available technology, future-proofing investment and maximizing protection.

ForeScout’s agentless approach to network security provides real-time discovery, classification, assessment and monitoring of devices allowing end-customers to see what is on their network, from campus to cloud, and to securely manage it. ForeScout can also orchestrate a policy-based security enforcement operation, with leading IT and security management products to automate security workflows and accelerate threat response.

“Our global reach and our experience in providing the entire range of cybersecurity services make us a partner of choice for organizations all over the world,” said David Stark, vice president, Security portfolio at BT. “By bringing ForeScout’s technology into our portfolio, we extend our ability to protect organizations against the latest threats through improved visibility and control. Whether it’s protecting a head office or a branch site, adding the ability to monitor just about any device connected to the network offers a much required additional layer of security to companies moving into the digital world.”

“With more devices connecting to enterprise networks than ever before, the attack surface is expanding exponentially. Staying ahead of the game is an ongoing effort for any organization,” said Todd DeBell, vice president of Global Channels, ForeScout. “ForeScout’s relationship with BT will bring additional reassurance to CIOs and CISOs looking for improved security and better orchestration, while allowing us to tap into BT’s extensive global reach.”

The service will be available globally from this month.

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