Bsquare debuts cross-platform IoT apps for both standalone, IaaS deployments on any cloud

Bsquare launched Tuesday a new suite of cross-platform Internet of Things (IoT) apps as part of its DataV Hybrid IoT platform (HIP). DataV already supports a rich array of use cases focused on business and industrial markets; with DataV cross-platform IoT apps, time-to-value is dramatically reduced and deployment flexibility is enhanced.

With the advent of IoT platform services from major cloud suppliers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, businesses deploying IoT systems are looking for applications compatible with their preferred cloud provider that allow them to address targeted business objectives. DataV cross-platform apps address this challenge by being deployable on multiple cloud IoT platforms.

Currently available, the Bsquare’s cross-platform IoT apps are enabled through the DataV Hybrid IoT Platform (HIP). Modularly architected, DataV HIP provides all required platform functions needed for deployment in private data centers or any public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud offering. Uniquely, DataV HIP is also available in versions tuned for AWS and Microsoft Azure deployments, taking full advantage of IoT platform functions available from those leading cloud suppliers.

The DataV cross-platform IoT apps include DataV Predict that forecasts future device states in order to expose potential failure conditions and identify negative performance trends. Improves asset uptime by minimizing or eliminating unplanned downtime. It also offers DataV Repair that uses historical data from large populations of equipment as well as real-time device state in order to dynamically prescribe optimal repair sequences; and reduces service and warranty expenses, enhances asset uptime, and improves first time fix percentage.

It also includes DataV Manage that provides secure management of scaled-out populations of IoT devices, including software distribution and configuration management. It can also be used to enable distribution of apps to remote devices that support third-party applications, and reduces implementation costs, enhances security and facilitates scale.

With DataV Maintain, users can employ historical and real-time data in order to identify optimal maintenance intervals. It also reduces service and maintenance expenses and improves asset longevity by avoiding under- or over-servicing of assets. The DataV Track visualizes actual asset utilization information and provides the ability to apply rules-based logic in order to enforce compliance with business policy and regulatory concerns.

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