Bright Box aligns with Otonomo to provide connected car applications and services for improved driving experiences

Bright Box, included in Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) company and a global vendor of solutions and platforms for connected cars, recently announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Otonomo. A U.S.- Israeli automotive data services platform company, Otonomo hosts a marketplace focused on enabling the development of connected car applications and services that benefit drivers. This partnership will provide opportunities to securely connect millions of vehicles to hundreds of services and applications.

As part of this collaboration, Remoto, an AI-first connected car platform for OEMs, NSC and large dealership groups that are powered by Bright Box, will connect to Otonomo’s data services platform to amplify opportunities for drivers including emergency services, parking location, on-demand fueling apps, predictive maintenance and insurance services, as well as smart city and other municipal projects.

The Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform uses patented technology to ingest, secure, cleanse, normalize, aggregate, and enrich automotive data from multiple sources. It delivers enriched datasets and insights, as well as a consent management hub, so that partners have 99 percent less work to do within their own development processes.

Otonomo is a neutral automotive data services platform that simply and securely paves the way for the development of new apps and services for drivers, passengers, municipalities, and transportation companies.

The Otonomo platform ingests automotive data from multiple sources, including OEMs and other data providers. It cleanses, normalizes, and aggregates the data and enriches it with third-party datasets in order to meet consumers’ privacy expectations, manage compliance, and maximize its value through our global Marketplace. With the Consent Management Hub, Otonomo’s data services platform ensures that driver rights are protected, while the growing need for an increasingly connected driving experience is met.

A recent consumer study conducted by Otonomo and Edison Research in the United States revealed that 95% of consumers who own connected cars are interested in these services.

Each connected car unit from Bright Box generates up to millions status records. As a result, the company has accumulated over dozens of terabytes of connected car data from users indifferent countries, providing a strong data set which takes advantage of the Otonomo platform.

Bright Box’s partnership with Otonomo helps automakers from the Bright Box portfolio deliver value to drivers and makes use of their connected car data. Additionally, Bright Box’s services, including the Remoto Connected Car Platform and Remoto AI, will be provided within the framework of Otonomo’s marketplace.

“As part of a big insurance group, we are dedicated to be working with Otonomo so that  drivers can receive benefits from their data including cheaper insurance, emergency services which can save lives, and help in finding parking which saves time,” said Bright Box CSO Alexander Dimchenko.

“Partnering with Bright Box is further enabling us to expand our automotive data services platform to app and service providers around the globe,” said Ben Volkow, CEO and founder of Otonomo. “Otonomo’s mission is to make automotive data as valuable as possible to drivers, passengers, municipalities, and companies in the transportation ecosystem; BrightBox is a good partner for achieving this.”


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