Botmetric delivers API access for its AI-powered cloud management platform

Botmetric, an AI-powered cloud management platform that helps digital businesses simplify and optimize their cloud services, announced on Monday that it is making its APIs public so that customers and partners can build more flexible solutions on top of the existing out-of-the box features provided by the Botmetric cloud management platform.

Botmetric uses machine intelligence and AI technologies to offer full visibility and governance control over AWS cloud and Microsoft Azure with one integrated platform for cloud cost, cloud security, and cloud operations. This module is a single pane to understand and maximize cloud savings. It provides complete budgeting and forecasting guidance for cloud cost management.

The company is at the forefront of AIOps (Algorithmic IT Operations, a term coined by Gartner), which is the next step in deploying AI solutions.

With access to the API, Botmetric customers will be able to take advantage of the Botmetric Platform to integrate its features and data into their IT systems. Users will be able to leverage Botmetric API’s to access, manipulate and customize the data feeds for their specific cloud management requirements. This means users can now connect Botmetric to virtually any third-party business system or application.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Botmetric delivers a unified cloud management platform to help businesses manage and optimize public cloud infrastructure for cost governance, security compliance and DevOps. Rated as a high-rated cloud management app on AWS Marketplace, Botmetric provides diagnostics with a “click-to-fix” option to remediate the issues in the cloud.

“We have always been an API-centric platform with microservices architecture. We are now opening up APIs to be consumed by our customers to access their data on Botmetric. This will enable customers to build on top of the existing features provided by Botmetric,” said Botmetric CEO Vijay Rayapati.

Botmetric customers can now fetch fine-grained cost details and run their custom business logic on top to gather specific insights. They can also add to their custom dashboards. Many of Botmetric’s enterprise customers have internal dashboards with information from multiple tools and platforms at one place. Now, they can add their cloud cost details as well to such dashboards using Botmetric’s platform APIs.

Cloud cost management is the most important priority for 77 percent of mid-size and enterprise cloud users, according to Botmetric’s independent Botmetric Public Cloud Usage Report 2017, which offers insights encapsulating the public cloud adoption and usage trends in SMB, Midmarket and Enterprise customer segments across the world. With increasing cloud adoption businesses are trying to make cloud cost predictable. The API capability is also a boon to Botmetric’s managed service providers (MSPs) who can now use these APIs to aggregate data across their various customers on Botmetric.

“The only way to help companies reduce their cloud costs, improve cloud security compliance, and reduce alerts fatigue is by bringing intelligent machine operations for cloud management” Rayapati said.

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