Aware360 joins with Gemalto to boost its industrial IoT connectivity and analytics

Gemalto announced this week that it is enabling Aware360, an industrial IoT solution provider, to connect with virtually any sensor, device or machine and quickly transform big data into smarter data. Secure data is the “new currency” that fuels IoT and underpins Gemalto’s strategy which enables customers to “Connect – Secure – Monetize” their solutions.

The cloud-based SensorLogic Application Enablement Platform improves Aware360’s ability to launch new services and solutions for both in-house and other devices already integrated into the platform. The solution translates the data into actionable real time intelligence usable by Aware360’s customers, in markets such as lone worker, public safety, track-and-trace, and remote monitoring.

Gemalto’s M2M platform allows Aware360 to focus on its core competency of developing a control center functionality for users to manage analytics from the data and devices in the field. Aware360’s control center dashboard provides anywhere access to workers in the field, company vehicles or remote devices.

Industrial IoT relies on specialized connected devices, that each run specific applications that communicate with the network in their own proprietary way. The SensorLogic Platform removes this complexity and is scalable to meet growing IoT demands. It is an ideal solution for companies offering or developing M2M cloud services and analytics programs.

“We chose the SensorLogic Platform because it’s perfectly suited to meet our goal of simplifying industrial IoT. Customers can shorten development times thanks to the platform’s built-in capabilities like communication control, agile APIs and infinite connectivity options,” said Paul Turner at Aware360. “Aware360 and Gemalto’s complete solution delivers up to the minute information so companies can keep their people informed, secure assets and protect remote sites.”

“Our robust SensorLogic Platform allows our customer’s IoT solutions to scale to their evolving needs,” said Juan Carlos Lazcano, Vice President of M2M for North America at Gemalto. “Our work with Aware360 has helped us grow our channel partner base and bring our unique combination of M2M, security, hardware and software expertise to the growing IoT marketplace.”

Earlier this month, the Ericsson Mobility Report 2016 said that the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices worldwide will increase by a compound annual growth rate of 23 prcent between 2015 and 2021, accounting for almost 16 billion of the forecast 28 billion connected devices in 2021.

At this rate of growth, IoT devices will overtake mobile phones as the most prevalent type of connected device as early as 2018.

The report suggests that this growth is being driven by an intensified focus on IoT in industry, increasing standardization of cellular IoT technologies and falling device costs. Western Europe is predicted to see the most rapid increase in IoT devices, driven particularly by the growth of the connected car segment.

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