Avnet launches LSR Wireless Shield platform for prototyping wireless connected IoT products

Avnet introduced Tuesday LSR Wireless Shield, a low-cost platform with customizable sensor/peripheral capabilities for the prototyping of wireless connected Internet of Things (IoT) products using SmartFusion2 system-on-chip (SoC) field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) from Microsemi.

In support of customers’ growing need for IoT solution development and prototyping support, Avnet is also releasing a new TiWiConnect Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Reference Design, which integrates Avnet’s SmartFusion2 KickStart Development Board with the new LSR Wireless Shield, providing the ability to begin prototyping a cloud-based solution utilizing the TiWiConnect IoT platform from LS Research (LSR), a Laird business.

The LSR Wireless Shield features dual wireless modules from LSR, Arduino-compatible shield and Pmod-compatible expansion connectors for maximized versatility in prototyping wireless-connected IoT products. The LSR Wireless Shield is populated with LSR’s TiWi-C-W WLAN b/g/n and SaBLE-x Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) certified wireless modules, offering ultra-low power performance for Wi-Fi and BLE that most IoT applications demand.


Further, the TiWi-C-W can be configured as a cloud agent providing seamless connectivity to LSR’s TiWiConnect end-to-end IoT platform, giving customers a range of cloud implementation options (turnkey/subscription/user-developed/hosted).

The Avnet LSR Wireless Shield package includes Avnet’s Arduino-compatible LSR Wireless Shield; quick start card; and downloadable ‘Getting Started Guide,’ hardware user guide, SmartFusion2 TiWiConnect reference design with additional technical documentation.

“Avnet’s new TiWiConnect Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Reference Design exemplifies Avnet’s expertise in IoT connectivity and our continued commitment to providing our customers with unparalleled technical support by leveraging the technology strengths of leading suppliers, like Microsemi and LSR, to build a portfolio of time-saving and affordable design solutions,” said Tom Curran, senior technical marketing engineer, Avnet Electronics Marketing. “Adding the new LSR Wireless Shield with LSR’s TiWiConnect IoT cloud connectivity platform to the SmartFusion2 KickStart Development Kit gives customers developing products and applications requiring secure cloud connectivity a simple and cost-effective solution for embedding Wi-Fi-based cloud connectivity.”

The Avnet LSR Wireless Shield is priced at US$49.95. The suggested companion SmartFusion2 KickStart Kit is also available from Avnet, priced at $59.95. With purchase of the LSR Wireless Shield, customers also receive free developer account access to the company’s online portal, which features a host of IoT cloud services and tools such as device management, alerts, dashboards and mobile app to further accelerate their development effort.

“Industrial customers now have a complete solution they can leverage to access their IoT product securely via BLE, Wi-Fi or the cloud on any Android, IOS device or PC,” said Ted Marena, director of SOC/FPGA marketing at Microsemi. “The software, apps, PC graphical user interface (GUI) and hardware board files provide a comprehensive solution available now.”

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