Avnet boosts IoT lineup with relayr offerings to capitalize on the high-growth potential

Avnet Inc. entered on Tuesday into an agreement with relayr to deliver internet of things (IoT) solutions in the U.S. and Canada. Through this agreement, partners will have access to relayr’s enterprise middleware platform, and simple-to-use tools that enable fast and cost-effective development of new solutions, equipment and services for IoT. Partners will be able to leverage relayr’s technology innovations and starter kit to help develop IoT solutions for their customers from prototype to roll-out, along with end-to-end support.

Now available through Avnet, the cloud-based enterprise middleware platform from relayr allows communications from any service, any software, any platform, and any sensor. Additionally, Avnet will provide its partners with relayr’s open source software development kits and industrial-grade sensor kits for rapid customer prototyping.

For example, relayr’s Cisco IoT starter kit will be available through Avnet, which is designed to provide partners with a quick and affordable proof of concept to allow their customers to experience the advantages of IoT fog software for industrial deployments.

Principally addressing markets in manufacturing, smart buildings, retail, government, healthcare and energy, partners will have access to relayr’s solutions, which provide a unique full-service, end-to-end stack with an open API, streaming services and open source libraries for both hardware and software, facilitated by a step-by-step acceleration method. Additionally, partners can leverage relayr’s middleware toolset, consulting services, connections capabilities to different devices from different manufacturers, and abilities to provision software for building new sensor-based retrofitting solutions across any device and any “thing.”

“relayr plays a pivotal role in providing all key components to develop complete IOT solutions, and Avnet has the time-tested experience and expertise to deliver those solutions with the value demanded by the channel,” said Josef Brunner, relayr CEO and co-founder. “Our cloud-based enterprise middleware platform for industrial IOT enables organizations to connect any device, harmonize heterogeneous data streams, and make them available for dashboards, mobile apps, services, and analytics.”

Developing and deploying end-to-end IOT solutions can be complex and challenging. Avnet provides partners with a wide range of resources from the edge to the enterprise to develop IoT solutions that effectively gather information, connect to the internet, and securely manage and analyze data.

Avnet will also provide extensive sales enablement and hands-on trainings for partners around relayr’s Cisco gateway product offering, relayr middleware, consumer-grade and industrial sensors.

“relayr addresses one of the central challenges of IOT with a truly comprehensive enterprise middleware platform that can turn our partners into IOT solution developers,” said Colin Blair, vice president of data analytics and IOT solutions, Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. “Our partners will be able to use relayr’s offerings to create IOT solutions that can easily be integrated with their customers’ existing technologies. Working together, Avnet and relayr will empower partners to help their customers create IOT solutions that span a wide range of devices and offer solutions from simple experimentation kits to industrial hardware, supporting their customers’ digital transformation processes.”

“IOT is an ecosystem play at its core – technology suppliers have an important piece in this ecosystem, but it takes an orchestrator like Avnet to bring those pieces together in a way that enables partners to create high-value innovative solutions for their customers,” said Hash Malik, CEO of SPS, Inc., a provider of innovative cognitive, IOT and analytics solutions and an Avnet partner. “Thought-leading organizations like relayr and Avnet have the foresight and know-how in this space. We can see from our own experiences in rapidly developing IOT apps for our customers that the Avnet and relayr partnership is providing ingredients that partners like us can leverage to be successful.”

Avnet’s approach to IoT exemplifies how Avnet is helping partners excel through specialization while capitalizing on the high-growth, next-generation technologies that are redefining the future. In addition to IoT, partners can leverage Avnet’s in-depth expertise in complementary technology market segments, including the cloud, cognitive computing, the data center, data analytics, mobility, security and enterprise networking.


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